Mocha Anyone?

So I thought the only place that I could get a good mocha was in Costa or Starbucks but the Nespresso machine came to my rescue and now I go through milk and hot chocolate like nobody's business!

The ingredients are simple and the recipe isn't rocket science it's just how I make mine, so by all means switch it up with some orange syrup or different flavoured hot chocolate powder which I am dying to try! All you need to do is add milk to the warmer until it's just above the little ball of the insert; I don't really like foam on any hot drink so I use the normal insert but you can use the frothy one too.

I have experimented with all the pods Nespresso sell...yes I am a bit obsessed, and I've found the one I like best is the purple pod which is called Arpeggio, the ciociatto is also good as it just enhances the chocolatey-ness. Put your pod in your machine and use the espresso button and press it twice, while you're waiting put your milk warmer on. Add a heaped spoon of your favourite hot chocolate to the espresso and then the milk on top!

Top off with a dusting of cocoa powder and a couple of biscuits on the side...nuff' said!

Moleskine Recipe Journal Review

A Moleskine Recipe Journal is the most beautiful and perfect book for storing all my well loved recipes!

Good points:
  • It's hard-wearing and sturdy
  • Classic style in plain black with imprints of foodie items on the front
  • Elastic band around the book allows you to add bits of paper without it all falling out
  • It has a handy food calendar (when foods are in season) and also a measures/conversions page
  • It's customizable 
  • Easily set out with a place for everything including what kind of wine should be paired with chosen dish
  • A pocket at the back allows you to store clippings and what not

Bad points:
I have only found one bad point but it's hardly a deal breaker!
  • There is a section of blank divided pages which I would have loved there to be a section for wine or extra pages blank sections like the ones for main courses/etc and then you could name the sections what you like.

To buy or not to buy?
100% yes, it's a perfect gift for anyone who is a bit of a foodie or just buy it for yourself, I did. It's simple and classic so you can use it for as long as you have spare pages and a love for food! Next on my list is the wine journal!

You can purchase this journal online here for £10.89

Wish List #3: Skincare

Body Shop Camomile Eye Make-Up Remover (£8), REN ClearCalm 3 Clay Cleanser (£18), La Roche Posay Effaclar K (£9.75), Origins GinZing Eye Cream (£23), Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm (£21), Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque (£27).

Try This #2: Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

I am very late to the show on these. There was me telling my friend how much I like them, only to discover she already knew about them, tried them and in fact had a pack in her bag.

These little breakfast biscuits are perfect to put in your bag as a snack to make you last until your next meal or as the name suggests, for breakfast. I have tried most of the different varieties and so far the milk and cereals is my favourite. In each box you get six individually wrapped packs and then in each pack you get four biscuits. 

The ingredients... they're not too bad, there has been much debate on the subject as to whether you should have the two HobNobs that's equivalent to the calorie intake of a pack of these breakfast biscuits. But no matter how much I love HobNobs I must say I would prefer to eat four of these which makes me a hell of a lot more full, for longer as well, and they are already packaged up whereas I would get a packet of HobNobs and obviously have to take the whole pack and also eat the whole pack. That would make me very happy but it would also make me very fat!

I have yet to try the cranberry ones, so that's next on my list!

Have you tried these? What's your favourite variety?

Where to go #1 Edinburgh

Curious Tearooms, 13 Frederick Street, EH2 2EY 

You know when you just get a little bored of Costa and Starbucks (shock horror), well that happened while we were away and quickly went in search of a cute little coffee shop… and we found one! Curious Tearooms looks just as cute on the outside as it does on the inside.
I am an avid mocha drinker so mine was an obvious choice while my boyfriend steers clear of coffee at all cost so he chose a hot chocolate. The ladies behind the counter were very friendly and to our surprise it is a “take a seat and we’ll bring the menus over”. We settled in a window seat watching the crazed Christmas shoppers go by while looking at the menu. If you like tea, you are sure to find on you like as there is an extensive choice at almost 3 pages. I cannot wait until we go back to Edinburgh as Curious Tearooms is top of the list for coffee!

Above Restaurant, 3-5 Rose Street, EH2 2PR

Above Restaurant is above the Abbotsford pub funnily enough, it’s a small restaurant with a circular bar with a wonderful woman that served us. This is a place where you can dress smart/casual or casual, which I love. The food was the best food we had in Edinburgh, it's just our luck that we tried another restaurant for my birthday meal and it wasn’t the best to say the least, but hey ho. We tried haggis, it would have been rude not to, and to our surprise I really enjoyed it as did Matt which is even more surprising because he is so damn picky! This seems like a great place to have a quiet romantic meal but also some where you can bring the family for amazing food!

Juniper Bar, 20 Prince’s Street, EH2 2AN

Now we stayed in the hotel that the Juniper bar is in so this is where we ate the first night and where I discovered that cocktails are 100% not my thing…unless it’s a Pina Colada, then I’ll have those all day, every day. It’s a great bar with a stunning view of the city, and the “street food” which is the menu of starter size portions in case you feel a bit peckish when out, which is always after a couple glasses of wine. We tried the ox cheek nuggets, chunky chips and a venison scotch egg, they were all delicious and we were fighting over who has the last of what.  

(More pictures to come if I can actually find them on my external hard drive that is brimming to the max with photographs)

Try This #1: Austrian Hotdog

Almost a month ago now I flew off to Edinburgh to celebrate my birthday with the boyfriend, a short break full of wine, shopping and these hotdogs...what more could I possibly want?

Now I'm not a hotdog kinda gal, tuna mayo baguette is the one for me but I was in a meaty mood, so we stopped off at the Edinburgh's Christmas and got one of these babies! There were only three to choose from which should have been an easy decision but there was much deliberation and we finally settled on the cheese filled Austrian hotdogs! I have to admit it took me a lifetime to eat because it was incredibly hot and then the cheese filling kept going everywhere; I'm a messy eater at the best of times. I do realise that there is a fair bit of ketchup smothering my hotdog but it wouldn't come out and then the man serving got a new bottle and created this ketchup mound and prevented me from making it look pretty for a photo, who tasted good!

Edinburgh's Christmas is very similar to the Winter Wonderland in London which we went to last year to peruse the stalls and eat all the roasted cashews and almonds. It's definitely worth a look, whether it be the London or the Edinburgh one as I think both sell these mouth-watering hotdogs and so many other tasty treats! Oh and also try the pale German beer, again it's not normally my cup of tea but I loved it!

Have you been to either of the Christmas market? What would you recommend trying?

Wish list #2: Not on the highstreet

Treatstreet is my savour!

Oh how I love boots points, watching them accumulate over a period of time and then off I trot into the store and I always have such great pleasure in saying "I'll use my points to pay". With Treatstreet that happens more often than ever.

I discovered this beautiful piece of technology quite a while ago now and I am still amazed by it. Some of you may already know but Boots Treatstreet allows you to gain Boots points not only in the store but in certain online shops such as Urban Outfitters, Lakeland and Curry's. Even sites like and so when you come to booking a weekend away, check whether they're on a hotel site and you might be able to earn points when you would have spent a hefty amount of money anyway.

I have recently moved to outer London and I have a commute everyday into the centre on a train which really had me annoyed for the first couple of weeks, not only the journey on a train which I can easily say isn't the most delightful at 7am, but the fact I was shelling out money for tickets when in the two months I have been here a ticket-man has only checked my ticket once. And the stations I go to and from don't have ticket machines to get through...on many occasions I have been tempted to not buy one but being the pansy I am I would feel too guilty! Now buying a ticket I'm a hell of a lot happier knowing that the money I'm spending is getting me Boots points! A week in advance I buy all my tickets for the following week and use Treatstreet so I gain points and go and pick them up from the station when I get a chance...simple.

It beats queueing, I never have to worry about whether the ticket machine has broken into so I can't get a ticket and I collect Boots points! Do I need to say any more?!

Treatstreet now also has a great tool bar that you can install, so whatever online shop you go on it will come up and tell you whether you can collect points when ordering and one simple click and it'll do it automatically for you. This is all well and good but when I'm just browsing, temptation gets too much when I know I will gain points if I buy something!

Do you use Treatstreet? Are there any other saving websites that you would recommend?

Wish List #1: Lakeland

6-Piece Cheese Serving Set (£24.99), 1.5L Slow Cooker (£19.99), Vintage Teatime Mug (£5.99), Onion Fridge Saver (£3.29)

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