Mocha Anyone?

So I thought the only place that I could get a good mocha was in Costa or Starbucks but the Nespresso machine came to my rescue and now I go through milk and hot chocolate like nobody's business!

The ingredients are simple and the recipe isn't rocket science it's just how I make mine, so by all means switch it up with some orange syrup or different flavoured hot chocolate powder which I am dying to try! All you need to do is add milk to the warmer until it's just above the little ball of the insert; I don't really like foam on any hot drink so I use the normal insert but you can use the frothy one too.

I have experimented with all the pods Nespresso sell...yes I am a bit obsessed, and I've found the one I like best is the purple pod which is called Arpeggio, the ciociatto is also good as it just enhances the chocolatey-ness. Put your pod in your machine and use the espresso button and press it twice, while you're waiting put your milk warmer on. Add a heaped spoon of your favourite hot chocolate to the espresso and then the milk on top!

Top off with a dusting of cocoa powder and a couple of biscuits on the side...nuff' said!

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