Moleskine Recipe Journal Review

A Moleskine Recipe Journal is the most beautiful and perfect book for storing all my well loved recipes!

Good points:
  • It's hard-wearing and sturdy
  • Classic style in plain black with imprints of foodie items on the front
  • Elastic band around the book allows you to add bits of paper without it all falling out
  • It has a handy food calendar (when foods are in season) and also a measures/conversions page
  • It's customizable 
  • Easily set out with a place for everything including what kind of wine should be paired with chosen dish
  • A pocket at the back allows you to store clippings and what not

Bad points:
I have only found one bad point but it's hardly a deal breaker!
  • There is a section of blank divided pages which I would have loved there to be a section for wine or extra pages blank sections like the ones for main courses/etc and then you could name the sections what you like.

To buy or not to buy?
100% yes, it's a perfect gift for anyone who is a bit of a foodie or just buy it for yourself, I did. It's simple and classic so you can use it for as long as you have spare pages and a love for food! Next on my list is the wine journal!

You can purchase this journal online here for £10.89

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