Treatstreet is my savour!

Oh how I love boots points, watching them accumulate over a period of time and then off I trot into the store and I always have such great pleasure in saying "I'll use my points to pay". With Treatstreet that happens more often than ever.

I discovered this beautiful piece of technology quite a while ago now and I am still amazed by it. Some of you may already know but Boots Treatstreet allows you to gain Boots points not only in the store but in certain online shops such as Urban Outfitters, Lakeland and Curry's. Even sites like and so when you come to booking a weekend away, check whether they're on a hotel site and you might be able to earn points when you would have spent a hefty amount of money anyway.

I have recently moved to outer London and I have a commute everyday into the centre on a train which really had me annoyed for the first couple of weeks, not only the journey on a train which I can easily say isn't the most delightful at 7am, but the fact I was shelling out money for tickets when in the two months I have been here a ticket-man has only checked my ticket once. And the stations I go to and from don't have ticket machines to get through...on many occasions I have been tempted to not buy one but being the pansy I am I would feel too guilty! Now buying a ticket I'm a hell of a lot happier knowing that the money I'm spending is getting me Boots points! A week in advance I buy all my tickets for the following week and use Treatstreet so I gain points and go and pick them up from the station when I get a chance...simple.

It beats queueing, I never have to worry about whether the ticket machine has broken into so I can't get a ticket and I collect Boots points! Do I need to say any more?!

Treatstreet now also has a great tool bar that you can install, so whatever online shop you go on it will come up and tell you whether you can collect points when ordering and one simple click and it'll do it automatically for you. This is all well and good but when I'm just browsing, temptation gets too much when I know I will gain points if I buy something!

Do you use Treatstreet? Are there any other saving websites that you would recommend?

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