Try This #1: Austrian Hotdog

Almost a month ago now I flew off to Edinburgh to celebrate my birthday with the boyfriend, a short break full of wine, shopping and these hotdogs...what more could I possibly want?

Now I'm not a hotdog kinda gal, tuna mayo baguette is the one for me but I was in a meaty mood, so we stopped off at the Edinburgh's Christmas and got one of these babies! There were only three to choose from which should have been an easy decision but there was much deliberation and we finally settled on the cheese filled Austrian hotdogs! I have to admit it took me a lifetime to eat because it was incredibly hot and then the cheese filling kept going everywhere; I'm a messy eater at the best of times. I do realise that there is a fair bit of ketchup smothering my hotdog but it wouldn't come out and then the man serving got a new bottle and created this ketchup mound and prevented me from making it look pretty for a photo, who tasted good!

Edinburgh's Christmas is very similar to the Winter Wonderland in London which we went to last year to peruse the stalls and eat all the roasted cashews and almonds. It's definitely worth a look, whether it be the London or the Edinburgh one as I think both sell these mouth-watering hotdogs and so many other tasty treats! Oh and also try the pale German beer, again it's not normally my cup of tea but I loved it!

Have you been to either of the Christmas market? What would you recommend trying?

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