OPI Nail Envy

This is magic in a bottle...this will be a short and sweet review.

My nails peel, break and I bite my cuticles (yes my cuticles, not my nails) and when I bought this on a whim after hearing the plethora of hype around it and the fact Sally's sell it for around £8 rather than the steep price tag of £18.65 I was so excited to try it out and quite rightly. I saw an improvement in my nails after a couple of days and I would really recommend using this as a base coat for other nail varnishes and then on a days (try to do a whole week) that you dare to go naked in the nails department, the whole two coats of nail envy and then a coat every other day is an absolute must.

The only con I can find is that this goes down extremely quickly so if you are paying full price I'm not sure whether it's cost effective, although this has really helped my nails. I cannot wait to try the matte version when this bottle runs out in the next month or so.

Available to purchase here for £18.65, but try and go to your local Sally's for a great bargain.

Have you tried any other versions of Nail Envy?

Ikea Wish List: Kitchen

I have a huge weakness for Ikea so I have decided to make a little series of wish lists for items I want from Ikea, some I may have already been weak willed and bought some of the items.

What's my kitchen like? 
I have an open-plan ground floor so my kitchen is two walls, one wall is a large window that has the sink and a small area of worktop to the right which leads into the corner. On the other wall I have a couple of wall cupboards with a gas hob in the middle. The worktops are an oak wood to match the flooring and then the cupboards are a very neutral colour with a hint of lilac with frosted metal handles, while the tiles and walls are also neutral but with a tiny hint of blue. Doesn't sound nice I know but I will be doing a house tour soon and you can come to your own conclusions about the colour scheme.

Now you have an idea of what my kitchen is like, lets get to what I am currently wanting. The Rationell cutlery tray is just a necessity and I absolutely love plain wood because I think it just looks so simple and stylish. I've always wanted little spice containers as I love the look of things not in their original containers, so yes, I am that person that empties the plain flour from the paper packets into Kilner style jars, so you can see that the Grundtal containers are just my cup of tea.

These Rationell waste storage bins are my ideal way to throw waste away as I am an organisation fanatic! I would use one for general waste, another for recycling and the last for glass maybe (a lot of wine is consumed in our household). Now I've seen so many pictures of gorgeous kitchens with the knives displayed on the wall and I just think it looks so stylish and so tidy. I did want the rail and hooks under my kitchen cabinet to hang up utensils, pans and what not but I think with the size of my kitchen (I have an open plan ground floor which means that my kitchen is just two walls in a corner) I had to choose the knife rack or the hanging rail and the Grundtal magnetic knife rack won hands down because it gives me more room on the work top as I could get rid of my knife block.

Last but not least, the Raskog kitchen trolley caught my eye on the website and the plan for this item would be for vegetables mainly and I haven't quite decided what else I would use this for. And to be quite honest, I have no where to put this in my kitchen but I do love the idea!

Total price of future haul: £86

What's on your wish list for your kitchen? 

Soap and Glory You Do The Bath Box Bargain

Upon a visit to the wonderful Boots the other day I saw that they had the Christmas box sets on sale at the back of the store and this cute little thing caught my eye. The Bath Box was perfect as I needed a new moisturiser and scrunchie and I would soon be in need of another shower gel. This retails at £16 which works out a brilliant deal when Butter Yourself (£10.50), Foam Call (£6.50) and the scrunchie (£3.50) adds up to the grand total of £20.50. But as this was on sale with 50% off I got it all for £8.

The scent of Butter Yourself and Foam Call is very similar, I have to admit I didn't even smell them before I bought them, I got too excited on saving all that money. Back to the scent, for me it smells quite manly as it has peppermint, orange and fig but I have gotten used to it and fallen in love. It's a gorgeous thick texture that isn't sticky on the skin after application and if you're one of those people that loves a naturalish product then Butter Yourself is paraben-free.

Foam Call is a bath and shower gel but I'm a little gutted it doesn't have a pump top rather than a normal lid you can see in the photos above. I have Rich and Foamous on the go at the moment so I think I will just sap over the tops when it's finished. Being the same scent as Butter Yourself it took a little getting used to but for the price I paid I can't complain. Lastly is this gorgeous shower puff scrunchie, I hardly use this as I am a huge fan of using exfoliating gloves daily but every now and then I want to lather up in foam which you can't do with exfoliating gloves.

This is such a great deal and even though the box is slightly Christmas themed I have even used this in my bathroom to hide my lady things so they're not on show, TMI?

Keep an eye out in Boots for more sales and for a heads up the huge set that is normally £60 is half price at the moment!

Have you bought any discounted Soap and Glory sets?

I may have spent some money...

La Roche Posay Effaclar K (£13), Vaseline Spray and Go Moisturiser (£4.99), Radox Muscle Therapy Herbal Bath Soak (£1), Radox Nourish Shower Cream (£0.99), Eylure Individual False Eyelashes Combination Pack (£5.35), Sensodyne Repair and Protect Whitening Toothpaste (£4.45)

Reviews on these products are on their way, keep an eye out over the next month.

Recipe #1: Sausage Pie

A simple classic to pair with peas and mash!

  • 1 pack of Richmond plain sausages
  • 1 pack of shortcrust pastry
  • 1 onion
Step one: Take your shortcrust pastry out of the fridge 30 minutes prior to starting.

Step two: Remove the skins of all the sausages and put the meat into a bowl.

Step three: Finely dice the onion and add into the bowl with the sausage meat and mix together.

Step four: Roll out two thirds of the pastry for the base and the remaining for the lid. Place your pastry into a greased pie dish and add your sausage meat.

Step five: Distribute the meat evenly and cover with the lid. I used an egg wash to brush the top. You can make it look pretty but I don't do anything fancy.

Bake for 45 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Review: Bloom.fm The Music App

I discovered this when I was looking for an app to download music or create a playlist on my iPhone but I did not want to have to pay for each song. I am the type of person that wants everything for free (who doesn't) so when I came across this cheap app for exactly what I wanted, my eyes lit up.

Bloom.fm has an extensive library of tracks in the top charts and also the old classic tracks. As you can see on my homepage, this is so damn cute. Whoever created this beautifully simple app is one hell of a person. I just hate that when people seem to design apps they don't make the effort to make it aesthetically pleasing. Now when you look at the monthly subscriptions I find that there is something for everyone! I stuck with the free one for a couple of months but then I wanted to borrow some tracks as you can only hear a track you have searched for a 30 second preview. I am now subscribed to Bloom 20 which allows you to borrow twenty tracks for however long you want and then when I hit the limit I usually return the tracks I'm getting bored with and borrow some different ones. Although borrowing tracks is all well and good but I usually just listen to the free streaming radio which you can skip through but I believe there is a limit on the amount of tracks you skip and also adverts become the bain of your life.

I would highly recommend this app for anyone who loves listening to music on the go. Depending on which plan you subscribe to, it is cheap and the fact that it's so easy to use and it's the cutest thing!

Do you use this, if so what do you think? Or do you use another music app?

Four Most Used Nail Polishes

Now I've never really been a nail polish girl until the last couple of months after getting a new job that allows me to wear nail polish, so choosing my top four polishes was fairly easy as I only have just over 10 polishes. My go to colour is a deep berry shade, safe but I just can't stay away from those colours..

Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour (£4.49) in Extreme Blackcurrant (wow that was a mouthful) is my favourite berry shade at the moment as it is the deepest I own and after a couple of coats it can look black. The brush is wide and so easy to apply, and with this polish you can get away with one coat at a push. 

Models Own in Grape Juice (£5), at the time I wanted a lilac shade and it was between this and I Lilac You from Rimmel but when I saw this is a scented polish which intrigued me and swayed me to buy this. It doesn't have a really strong scent but just a better scent than a normal nail polish would have. I love to wear this almost neon shade when I go for a boring outfit that consists mainly of black. The brush is fairly thin but I find this reasonably easy to apply than other polishes.

Moire Green from & Other Stories is a beautiful almost pearlized pastel mint green. After seeing Kate from Gh0stparties mention this I couldn't help but try and find a shade similar on the high-street but I wasn't having any luck so on my next shopping trip to Central London I decided to pop in and buy it. I was rather lucky considering there was only one left in this shade, my journey home consisted of me painting my nails this gorgeous shade. I find that it is really flattering on my skin tone which surprised me as I am quite pale (bright white in fact) and usually polishes look out of place or unflattering on my nails. The brush is unfortunately quite thin and two coats is a definite to make it opaque.

Last is one of my latest purchases, Essie Beyond Cosy (another post here) This is a silver micro glitter which even goes with gold is really flattering and great for a night out, I wore this over the Christmas period and New Year's and everyone was complimenting me. I do find that some glitters look childish and I can't stand chunky glitter but buying this as a glitter virgin, it has convinced me to venture out and buy a couple more glitter polishes. The brush makes it easy to apply and one coat would suffice but for the ultimate glitter nail apply two coats and then a top coat (Seche Vite for me) and you're done. 

Any recommendations for new polishes? Especially berry shades as I can imagine I'll be craving a new one soon...

Favourite Four Blushes

I'm slightly obsessed with blushes at the moment and these are my current top four and my favourite brush to apply them with. Although I am more cream blush kinda gal, the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush might be a game changer for me...

My first ever cream blush was the Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush in the shade Pinched (£7.99). This isn't very highly pigmented but then as a first cream blush this was ideal as you can't really go wrong and apply too much. It is a baby pink colour with a touch of peach and shimmer which just brightens up your face in a very subtle was and looks very natural.

This little blush from Visign in Apricot is one I may have stolen acquired from my lovely mother. Because I did not buy this for myself and my Mum is a beautician/makeup artist she must have bought a kit from Visign and as it's well used by both of us the writing has rubbed off so after looking at the website, I assume it's Apricot as it's most similar but then I may be wrong, so hold me to it. It is very similar to Pinched but this is a little deeper in colour so this one became my go to Autumn blush this year and I've already hit half way on this little pot. Again like Pinched, you cannot apply too much as it comes out very sheer so I would recommend this for beginners.

After Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup mention Maxfactor's Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in soft pink (£6.99) I just couldn't help myself and headed straight to Boots to purchase this beautiful little pot. This is such good value for such a nice blush, being a pink shade I thought that I may not like it as I prefer a peach cheek...who would have thought with a name like Wildpeach! This surprised me in a very good way and now this is my go to blush most days, the packaging is small which is good for travelling but it does feel slightly cheap but at £6.99 you can't really complain. Unlike the two previous blushes, you could go wrong with this one as it is quite pigmented but after mastering Pinched and Apricot this was fine. The texture of the blush is more sticky than any cream blush that I've tried but this means you gain a glow that other blushes don't give you.

Lastly, my latest addition to my blushers is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy. Yes I gave into my weakness for peachy blushes. This has so much staying power and brightens up your entire face. Take a look at my review here for more about Tarte's Tipsy.

Are there any blushes you would recommend that I add to my collection?

My Top Four Perfumes

Nina by Nina Ricci EDT 30ml (£28.50)
This beautiful perfume was the start of a love affair with Nina Ricci perfumes. Being my second bottle, I can say whole-heartedly that I love this perfume. It is a very sweet perfume but I don't think it's too young for me just yet. The website says that it is a sweet and fruity perfume that should represent candied fruits with hints of lemon and lime also with white cedar, vanilla and a balmy musk...what's not to love.

Nina Leau by Nina Ricci EDT 30ml (£24.50)
When I was getting towards the end of Nina I decided to try something different after only wearing this perfume for the past year or so, I know I didn't really venture much further but I find the Nina Leau more of a sophisticated scent compared to the original Nina due to the fact it's so much lighter. This is working it's way past Nina and becoming my go to perfume. It still remains sweet and girly but that freshness makes it more wearable.

Diesel Fuel For Life Her EDP 50ml (£48.50)
As you should know by now, I tend to steal acquire many things from that lovely mother of mine and she bought had bought a new perfume when I went back home the time before Christmas; I tried it out and ended up wearing it the whole weekend I was home. When I went back for Christmas she had bought me a late birthday present and this was it, she is a saint I tell you. So this is very different to my usual fruity Ninas as the scent has blackcurrant, jasmine, mandarin and patchouli so it's much more deeper for me but I love it all the same. I use this on more special occasions and look how cute the bottle is with the material over it (I have a feeling this could annoy me after a while as it makes it hard to use).

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly 100ml (£3.50)
This is obviously the cheapest out of them all but it's just as important as the others. This is the scent I keep in my handbag at all times as you never know when you need a spritz of something. I find Mist You Madly works well with my Nina perfumes as it is also fruity and sweet meaning it doesn't clash at all. The website says this has hints of vanilla, bergamot, musk, blackcurrant and freeshia and looking at this, it's kind of a mix of my Diesel and Ninas so I may have to try using the Diesel and topping up with this when I need to and see how they mix.

What perfumes do you use? Have you tried any of these?

Evening Skincare Routine

Now my evening skincare routine is very similar to my morning routine but has different variations of the products and a couple added in for good measure. I rarely have no make up days as I work most days so in my evening routine I need a good make up remover. I used to use Bioderma to take off my eye make up and the majority of my make up but I left that at home when I went to Edinburgh a couple months ago so I went in search of a cleanser that could do it all. Superdrug came to my rescue and I remembered that I liked the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser (£4.99) and had read on a blog that it could be used all over the face, including on your eyes so I headed straight to the till. This cleanser is a thick nourishing cream that I massage all over my face and eyes and it easily removes all my make up.

Just to be sure all my make up if removed, I then go in with the Ultrabland Cleanser (£6.95) to remove whatever is left, which is like a cleansing balm that soon turns into a oil when applied on the face. The lovely Lush worker told me that it would suit all skin types, even my oily skin and not to be put off by the smell which is a very strong beeswax scent.This cleanser is said to balance out oils in the skin which I think it actually does as my skin feels less oily when I have used this. To remove I again use a warm muslin cloth to remove, don't bother trying to just splash water on your face because this baby won't budge.

A toner would be appearing next but again I'm lacking in that department. So I go straight in with Pepta-bright (£29.99) which I use to fade my red marks where spots have been... curse my bad skin! But I do have to say that Pepta-bright hasn't really done much for my red marks, not that I have noticed anyway, I'm using this up as I find it very nourishing on my skin, especially the dry patches on my cheeks due to the winter weather. Once this is used up I will have to find another serum/cream that helps fade red marks (if you have any recommendations, please, please let me know!).

Origins makes another appearance in the form of the Make A Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment Gel (£34) which I finally got my hands on after checking the Boots website everyday until it came back in stock. This is a light weight moisturiser but it's very nourishing and smells just like the GinZing moisturiser I use in the mornings but a little less like you smothered orange juice all over your face.

I finish up with the Origins Super Spot Remover (£14) which I couldn't wait to try after hearing all the rave reviews about it but only to discover that I probably shouldn't be using this every night on my very blemish prone skin as it really dries out your spots and leaves horrible dry skin on and around the spot. It sometimes works its magic and completely rids me of a spot over night but unfortunately for someone like me with the cursed bad skin I have, it's really not suitable! Again, if you have any recommendations then they would be very welcome; I am thinking of trying something from the La Roche Posay Effaclar range I think.

A little bit of sparkle

So as Christmas was coming around the corner I decided that I would purchase some sparkles to dress my nails for the party season. I made the decision to purchase Essie Beyond Cosy and Boots decided that it wasn't for me as I could not find it anywhere in store so I turned to Ebay to find a brilliant deal which I can't wait to share with you fellow Essie lovers.

I know these were in last seasons collection and the winter just gone Essie brought more amazing party season shades but when I did a bit of digging I just couldn't help with falling in love with Essie's Beyond Cosy which is a silver glitter polish that isn't chunky; I'm not one for chunky glitter in any sense, least of all on my nails. This is silver but I found that it could also be worn with gold jewellery which is perfect because I would rather not have to change my nail varnish just because I wanted to wear a gold piece of jewellery. You could apply just one coat if you're in a rush and it would suffice but if you want your nails to be glitter balls (which I definitely do, if you're going to do it, you might as well go all out) then apply two coats. It does has a texture of glitter which I had never experienced as I was a virgin to glitter polish but with a coat of my trusty Seche Vite top coat my nails were flawless. 

As the price of one Essie polish is usually around £8 I thought as I was getting one polish for £4.50 here, I might as well get two so I decided to try another glitter polish in the form of Leading Lady. Now when this arrived I was excited to try it as my go to shade of polish is a deep berry shade and this looks like that but glittery, what could there be not to love. Unfortunately I applied it and I didn't like the fact that it has pink glitter rather than deep berry glitter which I know sounds picky but then it just isn't my cup of tea I'm afraid. 

I would highly recommend this seller as this is so reasonably priced for Essie polishes, not to mention it came within 2 days of purchasing, so close to Christmas as well! I will be sure to be buying more shades. Any recommendations?

Morning Skincare Routine

My morning skincare routine is very basic and lacking a toner as I've been trying to find the right one to fill that gap for a while now and no success. First of all I use the Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser (£18), this cleanser has a fresh smell which wakes you up in the morning. It slightly foams which gives you a really clean feeling and I know..skincare goddess, Caroline Hirons says to stay away from foaming cleansers but with Origins being such a naturally driven brand I thought this would be an okay exception. I wet a muslin cloth with warm water and gently buff it off, a bit of exfoliation is always good.

After using my cleanser, I would then ideally use a toner but I'm lacking in that department. Hydraluron (£24.99) then steps in, this is a much loved product by many bloggers. When I first read others reviews about Hydraluron I thought it wouldn't be for me as I have such oily skin but over winter my skin has become dehydrated and sometimes I get dry patches across my cheeks. Hydraluron has a light gel like textures that glides over the skin easily. I bought this when it had a third off which I really recommend or buy it when there is a three for two.

I use yet another Origins product in the form of the GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser (£23) which is a light weight gel like cream which makes you feel like an orange, such an amazing smell. This keeps my face hydrated throughout the day and it makes a great base for my make up. 

Finally a coat of Burts Bees Replenishing Lip Balm (£3.69) on the lips for a splash of colour from the pomegranite oil in it and I'm ready for whatever the day has planned for me.

For reference, I have oily/combination skin where I have an extremely oily forehead and chin while I get dry patches across my cheeks sometimes. I am also very blemish prone....everywhere unfortunately!

Any recommendations to add to my skincare routine?

The reason why my purse is morbidly obese..

Who doesn't love saving money or going into the shop and purchasing something and not using cash! I'm a little too obsessed with saving money I've even gone to the extent of giving the boyfriend and Dad a duplicate nectar card and Tescos clubcard. Why don't they do duplicate Boots cards??

I've split the cards into categories so it's easier to talk about, and easier if you just want to skip the bits that won't ever apply to you. I like to keep my options open and have as many cards as possible just in case I have one of those days where I splurge in a store I don't usually and I can still whip out a saver card and feel like I haven't spent a mother load of money and got nothing back!

I'm sure we all go to the cinema every once and a while, I used to go every weekend at one point to my local cinema that cost a measly £5 to see one film but since I've moved to London the cinema is the price of an Origins moisturiser, and then do I really want to have a two hour experience or do I want more skincare? The skincare usually wins! Since having my Odeon premiere club card I have treated myself a lot more. With this card you earn points on when you purchase anything in the cinema, tickets, popcorn, nachos, drinks, you name it! The points scheme allows you to earn 10 points for every whole pound, and what I like more is when I get all flustered at the counter trying to find my card due to the sheer amount of cards I have to search through, I can say don't worry I can collect them at a later date (we all do it). You can just send off your tickets with your card number at no extra cost and they will upload your points quickly and simply!

The Buy A Gift card I was gifted when purchasing a bungee jump experience I did last year. This is perfect and runs out in the summer so I might be stocking up on gift experiences and I might even take the dive and purchase a skydive (pun intended). If any one wants my discount code then give me an email or tweet me and I'll give you it. Definitely worth doing.

IKEA family, now I've only just moved to an area where my closest IKEA isn't 3 hours away so I'm a regular IKEA shopper now. So I thought that it may be worth being part of the IKEA family and from my understanding with this card I will receive discount on certain items and better discount on sale items. I have yet to use this card.

I eat food. A lot. Discounts are much appreciated in this department! Sainsbury's is a great supermarket as I love their clothes and all their home decor bits are to die for. With this card you will receive 2 points for every whole £1 you spend and I have just discovered that you can shop via eshops which I assume is very similar to Boots Treatstreet (I did a post on it here) where you ccan earn points in different online shops other than Sainsburys. With your Nectar card you can also enter it online at eBay and earn points when you purchase items, you can register your card on more than one account so yes the boyfriend and father are earning me Nectar points as we speak.

My Subcard is very similar to all the points schemes where you will earn 1 point for every 10p (this is a very generous scheme) but unfortunately I've gone off Subway and there isn't one near me any more so this card is currently gathering dust in the depths of my purse. A taste card is quite a good investment if you eat out a lot at places like Bella Italia and Pizza Express. This card gives you a 2 for 1 discount at some restaurants and sometimes you earn 50% off your total bill, I do have to admit that I also haven't used this one yet as I got this sent through free for having a student account with Natwest, I have had so many perks since converting my account so I would definitely recommend this, no extra cost and I know I won't use the overdraft that comes with it so the change in accounts is no different to me. You can have a free trial here.

ATescos Clubcard gives you 3 points for every £1 you spend and with having a Clubcard you receive discounts based on your previous purchases in store or online and then once you have collected a decent amount of Clubcard points, you will receive a voucher every three months for your points in pounds or you can boost your vouchers which is you essentially trading in your voucher and you can get up to four times the total for a theme park or hotel.

Holland and Barrett is one of those shops that I don't venture into all that often but when I do I tend to go a little shopper crazy and want to try everything and this can mount up so this card allows me to gain back a small proportion of what I've spent. You earn 8 points for every £1 when you first sign up and you receive 4 vouchers throughout the year.

Now onto the important stuff, coffee. As you can see, I may drink a fair amount of coffee and I'm not going to miss out on any discount or saving scheme when coffee is almost hitting £3 for a mocha. Caffe Nero wants you to drink 9 coffees before you receive a free one. The Bean Counter is for when I go on my travels and have to make a pit stop off at a Wild Bean Cafe petrol station. FYI get a plain glazed ring doughnut if you can find one as they taste just like Krispy Creme original glazed doughnuts. This cards gets you to drink 5 coffees and then you get your free cup, the moody delightful lady behind the counter stamped and gave me a brand new card when I had one already and she wasn't the type of lady that would be happy to transfer the stamp across so I just added the other card to my loyalty card library in my purse.

Yes I also have two Costa cards, one is my Dad's who is coffee crazy racking up over £20 in points in a couple of weeks (I wonder where I get my coffee addiction from), so he has temporarily lent me his card to spend the points and then give it back so I can allows him to earn me more points, sometimes that man is a saint! You earn 5 points per £1 which you can earn and spend on any food or drinks in the stores.

The next two are just little cafes that are in the mall near me, Cafe Giardino and BBs where you can get amazing muffins and want you to drink 5 coffees to get your free one. While Cafe Giardino wants you to drink 9 coffees to get your free one and I have to admit the two coffees I have had from there were less than average so this card is beginning to gather dust in my purse. Lastly is my local coffee shop back in Norfolk and I will do a post on this little gem at some point because the owner is amazing and the shop is so cute, best mochas you can get in Norfolk hands down. As you can see I've got a free coffee waiting for me upon arrival when I go back home to good ol' Norfolk.

Now onto the juicy stuff, beauty. Lets start with the most important, Boots. You will earn 4 points per £1 you spend and on your first purchase using your advantage card you will receive £2.50 worth of points. As most of you will know this store does so many discount days where you can earn double points and I even got lucky and when I purchased from my much loved premium brands I earned £7.50 worth of points as they had a points event on that day. I don't really need to say much more as you can see other ways of earning Boots points from my Treatstreet post linked above.

You can't have a Boots card without having a Superdrug beauty card as some things that are available in Superdrug aren't in Boots, although the Sleek have pulled up their socks and their products are now available in Boots. You earn 1 point per £1 which isn't much but you can't complain at saving some money in my opinion.

My Matalan card is used fairly often as it gives you the exclusive deals that are advertised within the store, make sure you take a look in the home department because I absolutely love their selection of kitchen bits, just the cutest accessories for great prices.

Debenhams is a place to purchase beauty and skincare from so this card gets it's fair share of use from me. You earn 3 points for every £1 and when you hit 500 points you receive a £5 voucher. With this loyalty card you not only receive points upon purchasing items, you can also receive free makeovers and samples in store that people without a beauty card would not get. And lastly, much like Boots, Debenhams do point events where you can earn double or even triple points so keep an eye out for that and have your beauty/skincare wish list ready and waiting.

Finally onto the last card, hope you're all holding up alright after this text heavy post, so onto M&Co, a shop that I rarely venture in but when I saw the cutest cushions in there upon passing I just had to go in and get 5 (yes, I'm that person that when I love something I have to have all the different varieties and several of each). The lady at the counter asked whether I wanted a loyalty card...those words lit up in my head, "hell yes I do" so I came out with 5 beautiful cushions and a loyalty card.

Are there any cards I'm lacking? 

Review: Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

If like me you have the horrible habit of biting your cuticles this product may become your knight in shining armour like it has for me, I may be in love...

I came across this cream in my closest Lush store about 6 months ago and I took a chance thinking I had nothing to lose in buying the Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter. My cuticles are always dry and then that leads to me picking them and sometimes I even make them bleed so when the Lush worker told me about this product and how moisturising it is, I envisioned beautiful cuticles I once had and got my hopes up and quite rightly. 

This cuticle butter has a thick texture of a cleansing balm and smells predominately of beeswax and lemon. I apply this as often as I can to make sure that my cuticles are always moisturised and it has really transformed my cuticles. They still get bad from time to time when I haven't been religious in applying the butter but then that is my fault entirely. This cuticle butter is not only for the cuticles, as most moisturisers, this can be used anywhere on your body just bare in mind that it is a butter and therefore is fairly greasy. I have used this as an intense hand cream in the winter and also if I haven't got any other moisturiser while out and about, I have just taken a little bit of the butter and applied to any dry patches that have appeared.

This little pot is already 6 months down the line and I haven't even used half of it as a little goes a very long way, especially if you are just using it for your cuticles. Well worth the money in my opinion!

Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter can be purchased here for £6.50

After this has finished, do you have any recommendations for cuticle rescuers?

Review: Tarte Amazonian 12-Hour Clay Blush

So there has been a fair bit of hype around these blushes and being that girl that must go out and buy the much hyped products to normally find that they are not worth the hype but this my friend, is very much worth the hype.

This little beauty is the best friend of most bloggers, the majority in this shade as well so when I found out my friend was taking a trip across the pond, I gave him the list of American products that I had waiting and ready in the notebook that houses all my lists. There's was no greeting when he returned, I just grabbed the cute little Sephora bag and struggled to resist swatching before I had taken photographs (blogger problems). 

Tipsy is the perfect coral shade to brighten up your entire face. I love to apply my blush to the tops of my cheeks with the Real Technique Stippling Brush (£11.99) to make my face, which is as round as the moon, look defined. The texture wasn't quite what I expected as for some reason I thought it was more of a cream blush than a powder. That being said, I love the way it applies as the highly pigmented powder is easily blended and much to my relief you need very little meaning that this beauty is going to last me forever.

The packaging is robust yet simple which makes me love it even more, I really cannot wait until I go to America and hit up Sephora or give my friend yet another list to go shopping for me. Lastly I'd just like to say...Tarte, pull your socks up and make that trip across the pond because we all love you here in England!

Tipsy can be purchased here for $26

Have you tried any Tarte blushes? What colour should I try next?
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