A little bit of sparkle

So as Christmas was coming around the corner I decided that I would purchase some sparkles to dress my nails for the party season. I made the decision to purchase Essie Beyond Cosy and Boots decided that it wasn't for me as I could not find it anywhere in store so I turned to Ebay to find a brilliant deal which I can't wait to share with you fellow Essie lovers.

I know these were in last seasons collection and the winter just gone Essie brought more amazing party season shades but when I did a bit of digging I just couldn't help with falling in love with Essie's Beyond Cosy which is a silver glitter polish that isn't chunky; I'm not one for chunky glitter in any sense, least of all on my nails. This is silver but I found that it could also be worn with gold jewellery which is perfect because I would rather not have to change my nail varnish just because I wanted to wear a gold piece of jewellery. You could apply just one coat if you're in a rush and it would suffice but if you want your nails to be glitter balls (which I definitely do, if you're going to do it, you might as well go all out) then apply two coats. It does has a texture of glitter which I had never experienced as I was a virgin to glitter polish but with a coat of my trusty Seche Vite top coat my nails were flawless. 

As the price of one Essie polish is usually around £8 I thought as I was getting one polish for £4.50 here, I might as well get two so I decided to try another glitter polish in the form of Leading Lady. Now when this arrived I was excited to try it as my go to shade of polish is a deep berry shade and this looks like that but glittery, what could there be not to love. Unfortunately I applied it and I didn't like the fact that it has pink glitter rather than deep berry glitter which I know sounds picky but then it just isn't my cup of tea I'm afraid. 

I would highly recommend this seller as this is so reasonably priced for Essie polishes, not to mention it came within 2 days of purchasing, so close to Christmas as well! I will be sure to be buying more shades. Any recommendations?

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