Evening Skincare Routine

Now my evening skincare routine is very similar to my morning routine but has different variations of the products and a couple added in for good measure. I rarely have no make up days as I work most days so in my evening routine I need a good make up remover. I used to use Bioderma to take off my eye make up and the majority of my make up but I left that at home when I went to Edinburgh a couple months ago so I went in search of a cleanser that could do it all. Superdrug came to my rescue and I remembered that I liked the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser (£4.99) and had read on a blog that it could be used all over the face, including on your eyes so I headed straight to the till. This cleanser is a thick nourishing cream that I massage all over my face and eyes and it easily removes all my make up.

Just to be sure all my make up if removed, I then go in with the Ultrabland Cleanser (£6.95) to remove whatever is left, which is like a cleansing balm that soon turns into a oil when applied on the face. The lovely Lush worker told me that it would suit all skin types, even my oily skin and not to be put off by the smell which is a very strong beeswax scent.This cleanser is said to balance out oils in the skin which I think it actually does as my skin feels less oily when I have used this. To remove I again use a warm muslin cloth to remove, don't bother trying to just splash water on your face because this baby won't budge.

A toner would be appearing next but again I'm lacking in that department. So I go straight in with Pepta-bright (£29.99) which I use to fade my red marks where spots have been... curse my bad skin! But I do have to say that Pepta-bright hasn't really done much for my red marks, not that I have noticed anyway, I'm using this up as I find it very nourishing on my skin, especially the dry patches on my cheeks due to the winter weather. Once this is used up I will have to find another serum/cream that helps fade red marks (if you have any recommendations, please, please let me know!).

Origins makes another appearance in the form of the Make A Difference Plus Rejuvenating Treatment Gel (£34) which I finally got my hands on after checking the Boots website everyday until it came back in stock. This is a light weight moisturiser but it's very nourishing and smells just like the GinZing moisturiser I use in the mornings but a little less like you smothered orange juice all over your face.

I finish up with the Origins Super Spot Remover (£14) which I couldn't wait to try after hearing all the rave reviews about it but only to discover that I probably shouldn't be using this every night on my very blemish prone skin as it really dries out your spots and leaves horrible dry skin on and around the spot. It sometimes works its magic and completely rids me of a spot over night but unfortunately for someone like me with the cursed bad skin I have, it's really not suitable! Again, if you have any recommendations then they would be very welcome; I am thinking of trying something from the La Roche Posay Effaclar range I think.

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  1. Ahhh love this, I've been dying to try some Origins products, that's next on my list! xox



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