Favourite Four Blushes

I'm slightly obsessed with blushes at the moment and these are my current top four and my favourite brush to apply them with. Although I am more cream blush kinda gal, the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush might be a game changer for me...

My first ever cream blush was the Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush in the shade Pinched (£7.99). This isn't very highly pigmented but then as a first cream blush this was ideal as you can't really go wrong and apply too much. It is a baby pink colour with a touch of peach and shimmer which just brightens up your face in a very subtle was and looks very natural.

This little blush from Visign in Apricot is one I may have stolen acquired from my lovely mother. Because I did not buy this for myself and my Mum is a beautician/makeup artist she must have bought a kit from Visign and as it's well used by both of us the writing has rubbed off so after looking at the website, I assume it's Apricot as it's most similar but then I may be wrong, so hold me to it. It is very similar to Pinched but this is a little deeper in colour so this one became my go to Autumn blush this year and I've already hit half way on this little pot. Again like Pinched, you cannot apply too much as it comes out very sheer so I would recommend this for beginners.

After Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup mention Maxfactor's Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in soft pink (£6.99) I just couldn't help myself and headed straight to Boots to purchase this beautiful little pot. This is such good value for such a nice blush, being a pink shade I thought that I may not like it as I prefer a peach cheek...who would have thought with a name like Wildpeach! This surprised me in a very good way and now this is my go to blush most days, the packaging is small which is good for travelling but it does feel slightly cheap but at £6.99 you can't really complain. Unlike the two previous blushes, you could go wrong with this one as it is quite pigmented but after mastering Pinched and Apricot this was fine. The texture of the blush is more sticky than any cream blush that I've tried but this means you gain a glow that other blushes don't give you.

Lastly, my latest addition to my blushers is the Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Tipsy. Yes I gave into my weakness for peachy blushes. This has so much staying power and brightens up your entire face. Take a look at my review here for more about Tarte's Tipsy.

Are there any blushes you would recommend that I add to my collection?

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