Ikea Wish List: Kitchen

I have a huge weakness for Ikea so I have decided to make a little series of wish lists for items I want from Ikea, some I may have already been weak willed and bought some of the items.

What's my kitchen like? 
I have an open-plan ground floor so my kitchen is two walls, one wall is a large window that has the sink and a small area of worktop to the right which leads into the corner. On the other wall I have a couple of wall cupboards with a gas hob in the middle. The worktops are an oak wood to match the flooring and then the cupboards are a very neutral colour with a hint of lilac with frosted metal handles, while the tiles and walls are also neutral but with a tiny hint of blue. Doesn't sound nice I know but I will be doing a house tour soon and you can come to your own conclusions about the colour scheme.

Now you have an idea of what my kitchen is like, lets get to what I am currently wanting. The Rationell cutlery tray is just a necessity and I absolutely love plain wood because I think it just looks so simple and stylish. I've always wanted little spice containers as I love the look of things not in their original containers, so yes, I am that person that empties the plain flour from the paper packets into Kilner style jars, so you can see that the Grundtal containers are just my cup of tea.

These Rationell waste storage bins are my ideal way to throw waste away as I am an organisation fanatic! I would use one for general waste, another for recycling and the last for glass maybe (a lot of wine is consumed in our household). Now I've seen so many pictures of gorgeous kitchens with the knives displayed on the wall and I just think it looks so stylish and so tidy. I did want the rail and hooks under my kitchen cabinet to hang up utensils, pans and what not but I think with the size of my kitchen (I have an open plan ground floor which means that my kitchen is just two walls in a corner) I had to choose the knife rack or the hanging rail and the Grundtal magnetic knife rack won hands down because it gives me more room on the work top as I could get rid of my knife block.

Last but not least, the Raskog kitchen trolley caught my eye on the website and the plan for this item would be for vegetables mainly and I haven't quite decided what else I would use this for. And to be quite honest, I have no where to put this in my kitchen but I do love the idea!

Total price of future haul: £86

What's on your wish list for your kitchen? 

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