My Top Four Perfumes

Nina by Nina Ricci EDT 30ml (£28.50)
This beautiful perfume was the start of a love affair with Nina Ricci perfumes. Being my second bottle, I can say whole-heartedly that I love this perfume. It is a very sweet perfume but I don't think it's too young for me just yet. The website says that it is a sweet and fruity perfume that should represent candied fruits with hints of lemon and lime also with white cedar, vanilla and a balmy musk...what's not to love.

Nina Leau by Nina Ricci EDT 30ml (£24.50)
When I was getting towards the end of Nina I decided to try something different after only wearing this perfume for the past year or so, I know I didn't really venture much further but I find the Nina Leau more of a sophisticated scent compared to the original Nina due to the fact it's so much lighter. This is working it's way past Nina and becoming my go to perfume. It still remains sweet and girly but that freshness makes it more wearable.

Diesel Fuel For Life Her EDP 50ml (£48.50)
As you should know by now, I tend to steal acquire many things from that lovely mother of mine and she bought had bought a new perfume when I went back home the time before Christmas; I tried it out and ended up wearing it the whole weekend I was home. When I went back for Christmas she had bought me a late birthday present and this was it, she is a saint I tell you. So this is very different to my usual fruity Ninas as the scent has blackcurrant, jasmine, mandarin and patchouli so it's much more deeper for me but I love it all the same. I use this on more special occasions and look how cute the bottle is with the material over it (I have a feeling this could annoy me after a while as it makes it hard to use).

Soap and Glory Mist You Madly 100ml (£3.50)
This is obviously the cheapest out of them all but it's just as important as the others. This is the scent I keep in my handbag at all times as you never know when you need a spritz of something. I find Mist You Madly works well with my Nina perfumes as it is also fruity and sweet meaning it doesn't clash at all. The website says this has hints of vanilla, bergamot, musk, blackcurrant and freeshia and looking at this, it's kind of a mix of my Diesel and Ninas so I may have to try using the Diesel and topping up with this when I need to and see how they mix.

What perfumes do you use? Have you tried any of these?

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