OPI Nail Envy

This is magic in a bottle...this will be a short and sweet review.

My nails peel, break and I bite my cuticles (yes my cuticles, not my nails) and when I bought this on a whim after hearing the plethora of hype around it and the fact Sally's sell it for around £8 rather than the steep price tag of £18.65 I was so excited to try it out and quite rightly. I saw an improvement in my nails after a couple of days and I would really recommend using this as a base coat for other nail varnishes and then on a days (try to do a whole week) that you dare to go naked in the nails department, the whole two coats of nail envy and then a coat every other day is an absolute must.

The only con I can find is that this goes down extremely quickly so if you are paying full price I'm not sure whether it's cost effective, although this has really helped my nails. I cannot wait to try the matte version when this bottle runs out in the next month or so.

Available to purchase here for £18.65, but try and go to your local Sally's for a great bargain.

Have you tried any other versions of Nail Envy?

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