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I discovered this when I was looking for an app to download music or create a playlist on my iPhone but I did not want to have to pay for each song. I am the type of person that wants everything for free (who doesn't) so when I came across this cheap app for exactly what I wanted, my eyes lit up. has an extensive library of tracks in the top charts and also the old classic tracks. As you can see on my homepage, this is so damn cute. Whoever created this beautifully simple app is one hell of a person. I just hate that when people seem to design apps they don't make the effort to make it aesthetically pleasing. Now when you look at the monthly subscriptions I find that there is something for everyone! I stuck with the free one for a couple of months but then I wanted to borrow some tracks as you can only hear a track you have searched for a 30 second preview. I am now subscribed to Bloom 20 which allows you to borrow twenty tracks for however long you want and then when I hit the limit I usually return the tracks I'm getting bored with and borrow some different ones. Although borrowing tracks is all well and good but I usually just listen to the free streaming radio which you can skip through but I believe there is a limit on the amount of tracks you skip and also adverts become the bain of your life.

I would highly recommend this app for anyone who loves listening to music on the go. Depending on which plan you subscribe to, it is cheap and the fact that it's so easy to use and it's the cutest thing!

Do you use this, if so what do you think? Or do you use another music app?

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