Review: Tarte Amazonian 12-Hour Clay Blush

So there has been a fair bit of hype around these blushes and being that girl that must go out and buy the much hyped products to normally find that they are not worth the hype but this my friend, is very much worth the hype.

This little beauty is the best friend of most bloggers, the majority in this shade as well so when I found out my friend was taking a trip across the pond, I gave him the list of American products that I had waiting and ready in the notebook that houses all my lists. There's was no greeting when he returned, I just grabbed the cute little Sephora bag and struggled to resist swatching before I had taken photographs (blogger problems). 

Tipsy is the perfect coral shade to brighten up your entire face. I love to apply my blush to the tops of my cheeks with the Real Technique Stippling Brush (£11.99) to make my face, which is as round as the moon, look defined. The texture wasn't quite what I expected as for some reason I thought it was more of a cream blush than a powder. That being said, I love the way it applies as the highly pigmented powder is easily blended and much to my relief you need very little meaning that this beauty is going to last me forever.

The packaging is robust yet simple which makes me love it even more, I really cannot wait until I go to America and hit up Sephora or give my friend yet another list to go shopping for me. Lastly I'd just like to say...Tarte, pull your socks up and make that trip across the pond because we all love you here in England!

Tipsy can be purchased here for $26

Have you tried any Tarte blushes? What colour should I try next?

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