Soap and Glory You Do The Bath Box Bargain

Upon a visit to the wonderful Boots the other day I saw that they had the Christmas box sets on sale at the back of the store and this cute little thing caught my eye. The Bath Box was perfect as I needed a new moisturiser and scrunchie and I would soon be in need of another shower gel. This retails at £16 which works out a brilliant deal when Butter Yourself (£10.50), Foam Call (£6.50) and the scrunchie (£3.50) adds up to the grand total of £20.50. But as this was on sale with 50% off I got it all for £8.

The scent of Butter Yourself and Foam Call is very similar, I have to admit I didn't even smell them before I bought them, I got too excited on saving all that money. Back to the scent, for me it smells quite manly as it has peppermint, orange and fig but I have gotten used to it and fallen in love. It's a gorgeous thick texture that isn't sticky on the skin after application and if you're one of those people that loves a naturalish product then Butter Yourself is paraben-free.

Foam Call is a bath and shower gel but I'm a little gutted it doesn't have a pump top rather than a normal lid you can see in the photos above. I have Rich and Foamous on the go at the moment so I think I will just sap over the tops when it's finished. Being the same scent as Butter Yourself it took a little getting used to but for the price I paid I can't complain. Lastly is this gorgeous shower puff scrunchie, I hardly use this as I am a huge fan of using exfoliating gloves daily but every now and then I want to lather up in foam which you can't do with exfoliating gloves.

This is such a great deal and even though the box is slightly Christmas themed I have even used this in my bathroom to hide my lady things so they're not on show, TMI?

Keep an eye out in Boots for more sales and for a heads up the huge set that is normally £60 is half price at the moment!

Have you bought any discounted Soap and Glory sets?

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