The reason why my purse is morbidly obese..

Who doesn't love saving money or going into the shop and purchasing something and not using cash! I'm a little too obsessed with saving money I've even gone to the extent of giving the boyfriend and Dad a duplicate nectar card and Tescos clubcard. Why don't they do duplicate Boots cards??

I've split the cards into categories so it's easier to talk about, and easier if you just want to skip the bits that won't ever apply to you. I like to keep my options open and have as many cards as possible just in case I have one of those days where I splurge in a store I don't usually and I can still whip out a saver card and feel like I haven't spent a mother load of money and got nothing back!

I'm sure we all go to the cinema every once and a while, I used to go every weekend at one point to my local cinema that cost a measly £5 to see one film but since I've moved to London the cinema is the price of an Origins moisturiser, and then do I really want to have a two hour experience or do I want more skincare? The skincare usually wins! Since having my Odeon premiere club card I have treated myself a lot more. With this card you earn points on when you purchase anything in the cinema, tickets, popcorn, nachos, drinks, you name it! The points scheme allows you to earn 10 points for every whole pound, and what I like more is when I get all flustered at the counter trying to find my card due to the sheer amount of cards I have to search through, I can say don't worry I can collect them at a later date (we all do it). You can just send off your tickets with your card number at no extra cost and they will upload your points quickly and simply!

The Buy A Gift card I was gifted when purchasing a bungee jump experience I did last year. This is perfect and runs out in the summer so I might be stocking up on gift experiences and I might even take the dive and purchase a skydive (pun intended). If any one wants my discount code then give me an email or tweet me and I'll give you it. Definitely worth doing.

IKEA family, now I've only just moved to an area where my closest IKEA isn't 3 hours away so I'm a regular IKEA shopper now. So I thought that it may be worth being part of the IKEA family and from my understanding with this card I will receive discount on certain items and better discount on sale items. I have yet to use this card.

I eat food. A lot. Discounts are much appreciated in this department! Sainsbury's is a great supermarket as I love their clothes and all their home decor bits are to die for. With this card you will receive 2 points for every whole £1 you spend and I have just discovered that you can shop via eshops which I assume is very similar to Boots Treatstreet (I did a post on it here) where you ccan earn points in different online shops other than Sainsburys. With your Nectar card you can also enter it online at eBay and earn points when you purchase items, you can register your card on more than one account so yes the boyfriend and father are earning me Nectar points as we speak.

My Subcard is very similar to all the points schemes where you will earn 1 point for every 10p (this is a very generous scheme) but unfortunately I've gone off Subway and there isn't one near me any more so this card is currently gathering dust in the depths of my purse. A taste card is quite a good investment if you eat out a lot at places like Bella Italia and Pizza Express. This card gives you a 2 for 1 discount at some restaurants and sometimes you earn 50% off your total bill, I do have to admit that I also haven't used this one yet as I got this sent through free for having a student account with Natwest, I have had so many perks since converting my account so I would definitely recommend this, no extra cost and I know I won't use the overdraft that comes with it so the change in accounts is no different to me. You can have a free trial here.

ATescos Clubcard gives you 3 points for every £1 you spend and with having a Clubcard you receive discounts based on your previous purchases in store or online and then once you have collected a decent amount of Clubcard points, you will receive a voucher every three months for your points in pounds or you can boost your vouchers which is you essentially trading in your voucher and you can get up to four times the total for a theme park or hotel.

Holland and Barrett is one of those shops that I don't venture into all that often but when I do I tend to go a little shopper crazy and want to try everything and this can mount up so this card allows me to gain back a small proportion of what I've spent. You earn 8 points for every £1 when you first sign up and you receive 4 vouchers throughout the year.

Now onto the important stuff, coffee. As you can see, I may drink a fair amount of coffee and I'm not going to miss out on any discount or saving scheme when coffee is almost hitting £3 for a mocha. Caffe Nero wants you to drink 9 coffees before you receive a free one. The Bean Counter is for when I go on my travels and have to make a pit stop off at a Wild Bean Cafe petrol station. FYI get a plain glazed ring doughnut if you can find one as they taste just like Krispy Creme original glazed doughnuts. This cards gets you to drink 5 coffees and then you get your free cup, the moody delightful lady behind the counter stamped and gave me a brand new card when I had one already and she wasn't the type of lady that would be happy to transfer the stamp across so I just added the other card to my loyalty card library in my purse.

Yes I also have two Costa cards, one is my Dad's who is coffee crazy racking up over £20 in points in a couple of weeks (I wonder where I get my coffee addiction from), so he has temporarily lent me his card to spend the points and then give it back so I can allows him to earn me more points, sometimes that man is a saint! You earn 5 points per £1 which you can earn and spend on any food or drinks in the stores.

The next two are just little cafes that are in the mall near me, Cafe Giardino and BBs where you can get amazing muffins and want you to drink 5 coffees to get your free one. While Cafe Giardino wants you to drink 9 coffees to get your free one and I have to admit the two coffees I have had from there were less than average so this card is beginning to gather dust in my purse. Lastly is my local coffee shop back in Norfolk and I will do a post on this little gem at some point because the owner is amazing and the shop is so cute, best mochas you can get in Norfolk hands down. As you can see I've got a free coffee waiting for me upon arrival when I go back home to good ol' Norfolk.

Now onto the juicy stuff, beauty. Lets start with the most important, Boots. You will earn 4 points per £1 you spend and on your first purchase using your advantage card you will receive £2.50 worth of points. As most of you will know this store does so many discount days where you can earn double points and I even got lucky and when I purchased from my much loved premium brands I earned £7.50 worth of points as they had a points event on that day. I don't really need to say much more as you can see other ways of earning Boots points from my Treatstreet post linked above.

You can't have a Boots card without having a Superdrug beauty card as some things that are available in Superdrug aren't in Boots, although the Sleek have pulled up their socks and their products are now available in Boots. You earn 1 point per £1 which isn't much but you can't complain at saving some money in my opinion.

My Matalan card is used fairly often as it gives you the exclusive deals that are advertised within the store, make sure you take a look in the home department because I absolutely love their selection of kitchen bits, just the cutest accessories for great prices.

Debenhams is a place to purchase beauty and skincare from so this card gets it's fair share of use from me. You earn 3 points for every £1 and when you hit 500 points you receive a £5 voucher. With this loyalty card you not only receive points upon purchasing items, you can also receive free makeovers and samples in store that people without a beauty card would not get. And lastly, much like Boots, Debenhams do point events where you can earn double or even triple points so keep an eye out for that and have your beauty/skincare wish list ready and waiting.

Finally onto the last card, hope you're all holding up alright after this text heavy post, so onto M&Co, a shop that I rarely venture in but when I saw the cutest cushions in there upon passing I just had to go in and get 5 (yes, I'm that person that when I love something I have to have all the different varieties and several of each). The lady at the counter asked whether I wanted a loyalty card...those words lit up in my head, "hell yes I do" so I came out with 5 beautiful cushions and a loyalty card.

Are there any cards I'm lacking? 

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