My Face Friday #2

I was really getting into this 17 Skin Wow Primer (£5.99) but realised when applying it for this My Face Friday it has a lot of shimmer in it, some might say too much but I really want to find a replacement that gives me a glow rather than a glitterball face. I went with my trusty Bourjois Reveal Healthy Mix Serum Foundation (£9.99) applied with my fingers and set with the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (£3.99) using the Real Techniques Powder Brush (£12.99). I couldn't get into this for ages as I found it either turned out looking cakey or my foundation rubbed off but I now make sure I tap off all excess powder and press onto my skin with the powder brush rather than swirling around my face. To complete my base I cover up any blemishes and scarring that is still visible with the Seventeen 18hour concealer (I can't seem to find it anymore on the Boots website) and also apply to my under eyes to hide those pesky dark areas.

For eyes I have been doing the same thing all week, applying the darkest shade out of the Smashbox Brow Tech Trio (£12.30) (Something similar here $25) to create a subtle winged eye and a couple coats of the favourite Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara (£7.99) and my eyes are done.

Now onto the eyebrows, if I had to leave the house having done one would be my eyebrows every single time! I am using the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brown (£2.99), it's so cheap and some may not like it as it is quite waxy but once combed through with the spoilie on the other end lessens the wax and it really keeps my unruly eyebrows in check. To make doubly sure of this I run the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara (£4.99) through them which adds a little more colour as well. 

All that's left is adding some colour to my face, As you can see I am fairly well-endowed when it comes to the cheek department so contouring is a must. I use the Sleek Contour Kit in Light (£6.49) which is a gorgeous matte brown that isn't too orange. I can't wait until I use this up as the Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder is next on the list. For a bit of a flush I use my newest blush purchase, Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour in Tipsy ($26) which is flattering on every skin tone and the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (£11.99) is the perfect brush for applying it. a quick coat of the Burts Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranite Oil (£3.69) which gives a little colour and nourishes my dry lips.

Have you used any of these products?

Keeping it simple

I can't help but be drawn to black, white and grey recently, which is why when I went shopping I came out with these babies! H&M had a really great sale on and I found this skater dress in my size for £7. I love the shape of this dress as it almost one of those illusion dresses where the dark panels down the side to hide my well endowed hips! While I was in H&M I saw this gorgeous polkadot shirt, at first I didn't know whether it would suit me but it's a piece you can just chuck on with a pair of dark jeans and black boots and you're done. Last stop on my shopping trip was Primark and this open back cami was just calling my name and being only £4 I couldn't turn it down. I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to figure out wearing a bra with this, and I can tell you right now going bra-less is not an option for me with my chest.

I then arrived home to this cute clutch at my door, I ordered this from New Look for only £6. I love the cut out detailing and white simply goes with everything, I wouldn't be without it now.

Any tips of the open-back top/bra dilemma? 

Ikea Wish List: Bathroom

So what's my bathroom like?
I am not lucky enough to have an en-suite bathroom but it's just across from my bedroom. The main colour in the bathroom comes from the stone coloured tiles that cover the floor and halfway up the walls. The other half is painted in the neutral colour with a hint of blue that the rest of the house is painted in. Plain metal is what I stick to for the accessories, whether it be the frosted type or the shiny type. The sink and the toilet are square shaped with rounded corners which gives a modern edge and I have a bath/shower with a glass panel rather than a shower curtain.

How cute are these? I'm not entirely sure how big they are, I do realise I am in my twenties and without a tape measure I can't tell you how big anything is unless it's in centimetres and even then I can't promise anything. The LIDAN basket set, if the correct size, I would love to use these for putting clean towels rolled up neatly on show in the corner of the room. In my bathroom I don't have much storage space but I'm hoping to get a cabinet to surround my sink so I can store things underneath and keep it neat and tidy. But for now these would be ideal for the in-between period.

So I don't have enough room to store towels, I definitely don't have anywhere to put toilet rolls so one just sits on top of the cistern so this LILLHOLMEN toilet roll holder would be perfect. The stainless steel style would suit my bathroom and I love how it's not the really shiny type of metal which I think looks more expensive.

When you get out of the shower, you want something nice and fluffy put stand on, this TOFTBO bath mat is the answer! For £9 it's a complete bargain as it feels so luxurious. I have it in beige in my bathroom and I fold it in half as it makes it really thick and absolutely amazing when you get out of the shower. Oh and one last know when you have a bath mat that is fluffy and as soon as you've used it a couple of times after a shower/bath, it will go all flat and will no longer be fluffy...well that will never happen to you again if you buy this bath mat, I'm so sad being so impressed by a bath mat, aren't I?

I would love to get some more towels and to suit my bathroom and in fact the whole of my house I would love the get a range of sizes of the FRAJEN bath sheets in both beige and black. Simple colours that would suit any bathroom if I moved. Plus I can add an accent colour at some point and these would still go with whatever colour I fancy at the time.

Now I know that pretty much everyone in the blogosphere has heard of Muji, so when I saw this GODMORGON box set I automatically thought I would love it as I love the Muji acrylic sets so much. I have yet to see these in store but hopefully they are fairly good quality but 5 boxes for £10, you can't really complain. I ideally would put these in a drawer under the sink (that's when and if I get a cabinet around my sink) and put products and cotton wool pads etc in there to keep it organised and neat.

In my bathroom at the moment I have something very similar to the LILLANGEN mirror cabinet but without the black/brown panel at the sides, mine is fully stainless steel which suits my bathroom better than this one wood I think. I do love mirror cabinets because not only do you get a mirror which is a must in a bathroom, but you have even more storage and that is never a bad thing: especially with the plethora of skin and body care products I own.

Last but not least are the LIDAN basket set of 4 which are from the same collection as the baskets I plan to use for towels, just smaller. I want to get these and use these along side the Godmorgon boxes which will be such a nice contrast between beige fabric and the clean, transparent boxes.

Total cost of future purchases: £101.50

What's on your bathroom wish list? And what colour should I inject into my bathroom, orange maybe?

H&M Haul

I may have visited the H&M website for some nice tops to wear on a casual pub night out and my bank card took a beating of £160, how did that happen...

H&M is a bit hit and miss with me as sometimes (like the other day obviously) they have so many clothes that are just my cup of tea and then other times I can't find a single thing that I like. So the plan was that I needed some nice tops for a casual night out, whether it be for a meal or a couple of drinks down the pub. But when I came across this pair of leather trousers (£24.99) I just couldn't help myself and they went straight into my basket. I have been looking for a pair of leather trousers for ages just to wear on a night out but the ones I find always look too shiny and cheap or just really unflattering. I purchased a size 8 and 10 as I didn't know how stretchy they were going to be, I'm fairly curvy to say the least so I was a little worried about fitting my bum into these but the size 10 was a perfect fit. They are flattering in just the right places and are stretchy but that doesn't make them skin tight which is never a good look on a curvy girl. The size 8 is in the send back pile.

I bought another pair of trousers but these are for my new venture into starting to jog in the mornings. I've wanted a pair that aren't leggings and when I came across these (£19.99) I got a little too excited as they are so flattering, even though it was more than I wanted to spend but it's all in the name of fitness, that's my excuse.

So now getting to what I went on the website to search for, pretty tops...this fine knit sheer jumper. It is slightly cropped which makes it perfect to add a little sexiness to an night-out outfit which I plan to wear with my new leather trousers, a black cami underneath and a big statement necklace to top it off. The other top in my keep pile is a simple jersey top (£7) that is in the sale which must have sold out because I can't seem to find it on the website any more. It is the perfect size and slogan tees are really popular right now so me with the weird fashion sense is actually on trend for once.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this handbag (£12.99) as there is a smaller version advertised but thankfully this is the size I was looking for. I love the zip to fasten it and the long strap allows you to wear it in many different ways, definitely in the keep pile.

Since taking these pictures my send back pile has decreased by one as this fluffy cardigan (£34.99) but with this discount code 1319  I got it for £26.24 which it better than a kick in the teeth. I wasn't sure about it at first, I love the idea and it looks so good with my new leather trousers (if you hadn't guessed, I'm so chuffed with my purchase) but then it makes my shoulders look huge! But I am slowly getting used to the oversized style as they don't do a size smaller than 8.

Now for my reject pile, the leather trousers that are too small and a lace top (£19.99) that just isn't flattering on girls with a chest.

Have you purchased anything from H&M recently?

Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipsticks

I know for a fact that most of you will have heard about the Seventeen Mirror Shine lipsticks, especially Beehive (I was so late to the Beehive party). So obviously, as a girl that is obsessed with make up and reading blogs, I just had to lose my Seventeen virginity to Beehive, my lipstick virginity in fact. This is such an easy colour to wear as it is a "your lips but better" perfect colour that I think suits all skin tones from ghost white (myself) to super tanned skin. It has a peachy tone which I love because this allows other people to tell you've made an effort to put lipstick on but it's not a bold statement lip. Great for a first time lipstick user!

The formula is creamy and moisturising but really doesn't stick around for more than an hour on my lips but that could just be because I am yet to get used to having something more than a lip balm on my lips. The next lipstick purchase soon came along in the form of Belle which I saw Gemsmaquillage mention. This is more of a plum colour that is more visible...the perfect next step up from Beehive. And my last purchase of these beautiful lipsticks was Love Note which is a cherry red that you can pat out for a subtle red lip or build up to a gorgeous bright red, I keep it somewhere in the middle. Love Note is the perfect red lip that takes very little effort.

Available to purchase here for £4.79

Ikea Wish List: Dining

So what's my dining room like? 
I technically don't have a dining room as I have an open-plan ground floor. I have managed to split one end into a living room and the other half into a dining area, small but it works. The colour scheme is the same everywhere with greyish skirting boards and neutral coloured walls with a hint of blue. I try to keep it simple and in keeping with the oak flooring so I normally stick to naked wood.

I am currently sat at this beast of a table, the HOGSBY table. I love how heavy and bulky it is which completely suits my dining area and with four NORRNAS chairs sat around. I may buy a couple more to make it six, if I were to move and have a larger dining area of an actual room rather than my open plan ground floor. The table and chairs look as if they don't match at all but it must just be the pictures as in real life, they match perfectly.

On the wall next to my table is the EXPEDIT storage unit which has my cook books, napkins and general other bits that I can't put else where. The drawers come in handy, as do the cupboards so this is where my laptop is lurking as my office is still non-exsistent in progress. Plus the drawers are handy for a quick tidy of the table, in other words, shove everything in there and hide it!

I have been wanting something for the middle of the table for when I have guests over but maybe even when I've cooked a meal. I found the VILLIG scented 3-wick candle on the website and this will be coming home with me on my next shopping trip. Plus the fact that it's scented will be lovely, not sure what scent mind you but hopefully a nice one. And lastly, the BLOMSTER Lantern looks like a perfect home for the candle.

Total cost of future haul: £418

What's on your dining wish list?

My Bank Card Has Taken A Beating

Total cost: £65.40

Wish List: Statement Necklaces

Premium Five Row Stone Collar (£70), ASOS Warrior Necklace (£18), Light Pink Coated Statement Necklace (£12), Adele Marie Silver Ring Necklace (£33), Rebecca Colour Stone Necklace (£8), Yellow, Cluster Daisy Statement Necklace (£28), M&S Collection Tubular Necklace (£10), Adele Marie Multi Chain Necklace (£30)

A good statement necklace can bring together any outfit and make it look effortlessly stylish. I normally go for a plain top, no doubt it will be black and then a big statement necklace with jeans and black boots. I never used to like any sort of gems on necklaces as I thought they looked quite tacky, could do anyway and also with jewellery I don't really go for colours. So when you're looking at this wish list, bare in mind that I am slowly getting used to colours on jewellery.

Which is your favourite out of the above?  Do you like colourful jewellery?

My Face Friday #1

My Face Friday is going to be a series that will ideally be a weekly thing but I don't want to make promises as of yet. I plan to show you a before and after shot of my face so it's easy to see the difference and then all the make up I used to get to the end result.

All I see on blogs and YouTube especially are gorgeous girls that have almost perfect skin and then they apply make up and they just look even more perfect. I have awful skin, it's a fact and I want to do this weekly series to show people what make up I use and actually show you whether it covers up my plethora of blemishes and scars. I will even show you if it's unsuccessful. And just to be clear, what I just said about YouTube etc isn't a negative thing, I love watching make up routines and all things beauty but it might just be the camera not showing the imperfections on their skin or they just don't have any. Being a girl that her skin is full of imperfections, I want to try and give honest reviews and also let you make your mind up as to whether a certain foundation lets say, will cover up scarring and such things. Now that's all been said, lets get on with what I used and how.

I have been trying out Bare Minerals Foundation recently since getting two sample pots. Today I have used Fair (a very pale cool toned shade) and Fairly Medium (a pale warm toned shade). To apply the powder I used the Real Techniques Core Collection Contour Brush (£21.99) and swirled it around in the lid and buffed it into my skin. This takes a while but I love using this as it makes me feel like I haven't loaded up my already clogged skin. After I achieve a fairly medium to heavy coverage I conceal using the Real Techniques domed shadow brush (£21.99) and just apply the Fair shade to areas that need more coverage. To complete my base I use Seventeen's 18hr concealer (I can't seem to find it on the Boots website) under my eyes to hide any dark circles and blue tones, I sweep over with whatever is left on my contour brush.

Next, I like to give myself some eyebrows. I quite like the shape of mine but then they are quite gappy so I use the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Shape Brown (£2.99) and then set them with the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara (£4.99). Recently I have gotten back into doing a small cat eye on a daily basis as I really like the shape it gives my eyes. I use the Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner (£7.99) (wow I've used a lot of Maybelline today) with the Real Techniques liner brush (£21.99). Eyes just don't look right without mascara, I used my go to mascara today the Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara (£7.99) on the top and bottom lashes.

To finish off my make up I added a bit of colour with the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour in Tipsy ($26) using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (£11.99) and applied a coat of Belle from Seventeen's Mirror Shine Lipstick (£4.79) collection. As you can see from the pictures, the foundation hasn't completely covered all my imperfections but to achieve that I would need an extremely heavy coverage which I don't really like. Letting my blemishes and scars show through is what I've gotten used to over the years so it doesn't really bother me any more.

Have you used any of these products, any recommendations?

Ikea Wish List: Office

What's my office like?
You want to know about my office? Well it's cosy, warm,'s my bedroom. I currently do not have a space for my office so I either work on my bed or on the dining table downstairs.

So the Gerton and Linnmon table tops are very similar but the Linnmon looks slightly cheaper in the way in which it looks like a beech effect rather than a deeper oak effect (purely preference). The price difference also reflects the quality which leads me to being quite torn between the two but I have found that the Linnmon table top comes in white and I am being very indecisive when it comes to buying a desk as I will be sat at it for a fairly decent amount of time. To hold up whichever table top I decide on I want a pair of trestles which look so cute but again I am undecided. You should all know my love for bare wood but I couldn't find the Oddvald trestle in bare wood so I could then get a white table top (black and white may be too much on the eye).

On top of the currently undecided desk, one or two Pluggis boxes will sit. I will probably use these for bits and bobs such as paper clips, small bits of paperwork or cables that are not in use. I think they will look cute on both an oak or a white table top so my options are still open at the moment. As well as my Pluggis boxes, I would love the Kvissle cable management box to keep any chargers etc under control and keep my work place neat and tidy, plus the cork top matches my style really well. 

To sit at my desk I want a black chair to tie in everything else in my house at the moment, plus black is so easy to put with any colour scheme which means if I have a change of heart and move then this Gregor swivel chair won't be a one place use. 

Walls in an office should be kept to a minimum in my opinion so a couple of simple Lack wall shelves would be perfect to put a picture frame and maybe a cute little cactus. And for the last wall piece, it has to be Kludd noticeboard where I can write myself reminders or to draw a picture (like the child I am inside).

Total price of future haul: £212

What is on your office wish list and which desk should I go for?

Recipe #3: Scotch Broth

Leftover vegetables in the fridge? Make it into Scotch Broth, keep in it the fridge and it's perfect as a quick lunch or light dinner when you're in a rush.

  • Couple of carrots
  • Couple of parsnips
  • One onion
  • 1 quater of a swede
  • One leek
  • One vegetable stock cube

Step one: Dice all your vegetables up and finely chop your onion

Step two: Add it all to a pan and put enough boiling water to cover the vegetables and put your stock cube in

Step three: Bring it all to the boil and gently simmer for around an hour, add more water if needed

You can keep this in a sealed container in the fridge for a couple of days, easy lunch when you can't really be bothered to make anything.

Eat in the winter snuggled up in a blanket with a slice of chunky home made bread!

My Posh Shop Statement Necklaces

1 (£27), 2 (£25), 3 (£24), 4 & 5 (£23.20)

Now I have a weakness for just flicking through pages on Not On The Highstreet because it just has so many cute things. FYI, if you ever need to buy me a present then anything from NOTHS would be more than adequate! Today, I stumbled across My Posh Shop when researching another post on statement necklaces and I just couldn't help but want to do a whole post about their beautiful jewellery.

The type of jewellery they do is very bold and would make a statement and it seems so reasonably priced for what you are getting. I haven't actually purchased anything as of yet so I cannot review the quality or anything else but I just wanted to let you all know about this shop, plus I need some help to decide what necklace/s I should purchase. I am so drawn to the bottom two, I know they are the same but it's so difficult to decide which colour I prefer. My Posh Shop, why do you have to make such beautiful necklaces?!

Definitely do go and take a look at their products, and make sure to let me know what you buy.

Is a clothes dryer worth it?

Since recently moving, I was used to several radiators on the ground floor for drying clothes and if I got really desperate I resorted to using the radiators upstairs, but now in my new house I have just the two radiators on the ground floor. I have never really liked using a tumble dryer to dry my clothes, only towels get the privilege of that because who doesn't love fluffy towels.

I've always looked at these clothes dryers as a waste of space but during the move I accumulated a lot of dirty clothes that almost killed our new washing machine. The two radiators (only one of which is easy to put clothes on) were overloaded with wet clothes, so I took a chance and bought a clothes dryer. Ideally, I wanted a wooden one as everything in my house is bare wood (I think you all know how much I love bare wood by now) so it would match but then I don't like the idea of wet clothes being on it and therefore being slightly damp all the time.

It's sturdy, neutrally coloured and fairly small yet with more than enough room to put a full wash on to dry. After all my scepticism, it actually dries clothes really well and quickly, sometimes I do still put some items on the radiator to dry super quick but the majority of the time the clothes dryers comes out on top. I have a glass porch that is inside the house rather than an exterior (sticking out) one, so this means due to the glass it gets super hot in there, even on the cloudy days. I load up my trusty clothes dryer and put it in the porch and it dries twice as quick! Another brilliant thing about the clothes dryer is it keeps creasing to a minimum which means less time spent on ironing. Perfect.

Do you own a clothes dryer? 

Ikea Wish List: Bedroom

What's my bedroom like? 
I have a reasonably small bedroom which probably isn't big enough for a double bed but after being used to a double bed in my previous house, I could not go back to a single bed. So I have pushed my bed into the top corner which unfortunately covers half of the window but there's no other way to have it really. The only other piece of furniture is a small six box EXPEDIT unit in oak which is on the same wall as the door and at the end I have a built-in cupboard/wardrobe. The colour scheme is the same as most of the house, greyish/lilac skirting boards, the walls are a greyish/blue and the carpet is a neutral brown colour. Doesn't sound like it would go together but I will be doing a house tour in the next month so you will see then.

This is the second in the IKEA wish list series that is going up once a week until I run out of rooms to base them on! So lets get started with the Stockholm cushion, my bedroom is a very minimalistic room that the main colours are black, white and cream and then when my white duvet covers are in the wash a burst of colour comes in the form of a bright yellow duvet set. Who wouldn't love waking up engulfed in a duvet the colour of the sun?? This cushion isn't the usual IKEA black and white cushion that everyone on youtube and in the blogosphere has but it's very similar and I can't wait to add this to my cushion party that lives on my bed. Like I said, my bed covers are either white or yellow and this cosy knitted Annbritt throw would be perfect for that extra warmth in the winter or just to cover my legs if I'm sat on my bed rather than me having to get into bed and then falling asleep within 5 minutes.

Now having looked in my room and looked back at the collage of items above, I'm having second thoughts that this Arstid wall lamp would actually suit my room. Logically, it would but then I haven't really much room either side of my bed as my window frames my bed so the wall lights either side (hotel style) wouldn't work and then a random light in the middle of the wall isn't really a good look. What was I thinking? 

We have all seen these beautiful Malm chest of drawers but usually in white. Before I moved into my new place I used to have white furniture (wardrobe, chest of drawers and storage unit) and it just felt very young and yes they did look pretty but I am now into plain wood which matches my old but modern (it's a barn conversion) house so I went for the oak Malm chest. It's such good value and it feels so sturdy and the minimalistic, no handles look just does it for me!

I never thought I could live without a mirror but I can tell you right now it's bloody hard but I've managed 3 months with just a shaving mirror, I don't know how, maybe I've just looked mismatched in the clothing department and everyone has neglected to mention this fact. I love free-standing mirrors but I just wish this Harran standing mirror had a wooden frame but it's such good value for money as mirrors cost an arm and a leg so I think I could deal with a little bit of white making it's way into my bedroom.

The piece de resistance  my Herefoss bed frame, this beauty is in the centre of my room showing off it's beautiful wood and giving me a good nights sleep on the daily. It might be more to do with my mattress (that'll be making an appearance in another post soon) but the bed obviously helps. So simple, you can't go wrong, one tip for you and this bed, definitely don't skip of putting those metal rod things to hold the shape of the bed otherwise the slats fall down...regularly, doesn't really put you in a good mood when they go at 3am and you have to take of the mattress and put them back I can tell you.

Having a plain white duvet cover at the moment I quite fancy the Emmie Spets quilt cover because of the detailing at the top, it'll make my room that little bit more girly. Lastly is my latest purchase from IKEA, although I made a huge, idiotic minor error in buying the Bran table lamp base without a light bulb and no lamp shade, so this is living in my cupboard currently. I thought this was so cute and on my next visit I'm going to get another one to match, maybe even the larger one. But I do have a little issue, I can't seem to find a lamp shade to match, do I go small, big? Help me please.

Total price of future haul: £338

What's on your bedroom wish list?

Recipe #2: Guacamole

A year ago I would have said I didn't like avocados, let alone want to make a dip and devour a whole packet of crisps and two avocados in one sitting. Only a couple minutes prep for this delicious Mexican treat that isn't too bad for the waistline.

  • 1 ripe avocados
  • A handful of coriander leaves (optional)
  • 1 small red onion
  • Baby tomatoes
  • Juice of half a lime (optional)

Step one: Chop up your tomatoes and finely dice your onion.

Step two: Remove the skin and stone of the avocados and roughly mash in a bowl. This is the way I cut and remove the flesh of an avocado but go with whatever you find easier. Add your onion and tomatoes (coriander leaves if you're using them).

Step three: Squeeze your lime (optional) and add salt and pepper to taste. In this recipe I haven't used salt as the tortilla crisps are quite salty.

This portion would be enough for me as quite a large snack during the day but just double up on ingredients. The recipe is subject to preference, I absolutely love onion so I add lots of onion and I like my guacamole quite chunky so I don't mash the avocado too much. I cannot stand coriander so I purposely don't allow it anywhere near my avocado heaven!

I buy the Morrisons own tortilla crisps and they are perfect, sometimes a bit touch and go as to the amount of salt but most of the time you get lucky and they are amazing!

My Week: Instagram

1. I have found my perfect, carrot and pineapple!
2. My gorgeous Poppy sat on my Mum's brand new carpet. 
3. I was looking back through my photos and this photo made me miss my old curlers and my long hair.
4. Writing blog posts.
5. I had a day of mochas and university work.
6. Things like this just make my day, lots of likes from one lovely person on instagram.
7. I tried to spice things up at breakfast time, avocado, onion and tomato on toast with a little parmesan and a poached egg
8. Took a little trip to IKEA and had my morning mocha in this gorgeous mug!
9. Feeling and looking a little mismatched

I hope you've all had a good week!
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