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I may have visited the H&M website for some nice tops to wear on a casual pub night out and my bank card took a beating of £160, how did that happen...

H&M is a bit hit and miss with me as sometimes (like the other day obviously) they have so many clothes that are just my cup of tea and then other times I can't find a single thing that I like. So the plan was that I needed some nice tops for a casual night out, whether it be for a meal or a couple of drinks down the pub. But when I came across this pair of leather trousers (£24.99) I just couldn't help myself and they went straight into my basket. I have been looking for a pair of leather trousers for ages just to wear on a night out but the ones I find always look too shiny and cheap or just really unflattering. I purchased a size 8 and 10 as I didn't know how stretchy they were going to be, I'm fairly curvy to say the least so I was a little worried about fitting my bum into these but the size 10 was a perfect fit. They are flattering in just the right places and are stretchy but that doesn't make them skin tight which is never a good look on a curvy girl. The size 8 is in the send back pile.

I bought another pair of trousers but these are for my new venture into starting to jog in the mornings. I've wanted a pair that aren't leggings and when I came across these (£19.99) I got a little too excited as they are so flattering, even though it was more than I wanted to spend but it's all in the name of fitness, that's my excuse.

So now getting to what I went on the website to search for, pretty tops...this fine knit sheer jumper. It is slightly cropped which makes it perfect to add a little sexiness to an night-out outfit which I plan to wear with my new leather trousers, a black cami underneath and a big statement necklace to top it off. The other top in my keep pile is a simple jersey top (£7) that is in the sale which must have sold out because I can't seem to find it on the website any more. It is the perfect size and slogan tees are really popular right now so me with the weird fashion sense is actually on trend for once.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered this handbag (£12.99) as there is a smaller version advertised but thankfully this is the size I was looking for. I love the zip to fasten it and the long strap allows you to wear it in many different ways, definitely in the keep pile.

Since taking these pictures my send back pile has decreased by one as this fluffy cardigan (£34.99) but with this discount code 1319  I got it for £26.24 which it better than a kick in the teeth. I wasn't sure about it at first, I love the idea and it looks so good with my new leather trousers (if you hadn't guessed, I'm so chuffed with my purchase) but then it makes my shoulders look huge! But I am slowly getting used to the oversized style as they don't do a size smaller than 8.

Now for my reject pile, the leather trousers that are too small and a lace top (£19.99) that just isn't flattering on girls with a chest.

Have you purchased anything from H&M recently?

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