Ikea Wish List: Bathroom

So what's my bathroom like?
I am not lucky enough to have an en-suite bathroom but it's just across from my bedroom. The main colour in the bathroom comes from the stone coloured tiles that cover the floor and halfway up the walls. The other half is painted in the neutral colour with a hint of blue that the rest of the house is painted in. Plain metal is what I stick to for the accessories, whether it be the frosted type or the shiny type. The sink and the toilet are square shaped with rounded corners which gives a modern edge and I have a bath/shower with a glass panel rather than a shower curtain.

How cute are these? I'm not entirely sure how big they are, I do realise I am in my twenties and without a tape measure I can't tell you how big anything is unless it's in centimetres and even then I can't promise anything. The LIDAN basket set, if the correct size, I would love to use these for putting clean towels rolled up neatly on show in the corner of the room. In my bathroom I don't have much storage space but I'm hoping to get a cabinet to surround my sink so I can store things underneath and keep it neat and tidy. But for now these would be ideal for the in-between period.

So I don't have enough room to store towels, I definitely don't have anywhere to put toilet rolls so one just sits on top of the cistern so this LILLHOLMEN toilet roll holder would be perfect. The stainless steel style would suit my bathroom and I love how it's not the really shiny type of metal which I think looks more expensive.

When you get out of the shower, you want something nice and fluffy put stand on, this TOFTBO bath mat is the answer! For £9 it's a complete bargain as it feels so luxurious. I have it in beige in my bathroom and I fold it in half as it makes it really thick and absolutely amazing when you get out of the shower. Oh and one last thing...you know when you have a bath mat that is fluffy and as soon as you've used it a couple of times after a shower/bath, it will go all flat and will no longer be fluffy...well that will never happen to you again if you buy this bath mat, I'm so sad being so impressed by a bath mat, aren't I?

I would love to get some more towels and to suit my bathroom and in fact the whole of my house I would love the get a range of sizes of the FRAJEN bath sheets in both beige and black. Simple colours that would suit any bathroom if I moved. Plus I can add an accent colour at some point and these would still go with whatever colour I fancy at the time.

Now I know that pretty much everyone in the blogosphere has heard of Muji, so when I saw this GODMORGON box set I automatically thought I would love it as I love the Muji acrylic sets so much. I have yet to see these in store but hopefully they are fairly good quality but 5 boxes for £10, you can't really complain. I ideally would put these in a drawer under the sink (that's when and if I get a cabinet around my sink) and put products and cotton wool pads etc in there to keep it organised and neat.

In my bathroom at the moment I have something very similar to the LILLANGEN mirror cabinet but without the black/brown panel at the sides, mine is fully stainless steel which suits my bathroom better than this one wood I think. I do love mirror cabinets because not only do you get a mirror which is a must in a bathroom, but you have even more storage and that is never a bad thing: especially with the plethora of skin and body care products I own.

Last but not least are the LIDAN basket set of 4 which are from the same collection as the baskets I plan to use for towels, just smaller. I want to get these and use these along side the Godmorgon boxes which will be such a nice contrast between beige fabric and the clean, transparent boxes.

Total cost of future purchases: £101.50

What's on your bathroom wish list? And what colour should I inject into my bathroom, orange maybe?

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