Ikea Wish List: Bedroom

What's my bedroom like? 
I have a reasonably small bedroom which probably isn't big enough for a double bed but after being used to a double bed in my previous house, I could not go back to a single bed. So I have pushed my bed into the top corner which unfortunately covers half of the window but there's no other way to have it really. The only other piece of furniture is a small six box EXPEDIT unit in oak which is on the same wall as the door and at the end I have a built-in cupboard/wardrobe. The colour scheme is the same as most of the house, greyish/lilac skirting boards, the walls are a greyish/blue and the carpet is a neutral brown colour. Doesn't sound like it would go together but I will be doing a house tour in the next month so you will see then.

This is the second in the IKEA wish list series that is going up once a week until I run out of rooms to base them on! So lets get started with the Stockholm cushion, my bedroom is a very minimalistic room that the main colours are black, white and cream and then when my white duvet covers are in the wash a burst of colour comes in the form of a bright yellow duvet set. Who wouldn't love waking up engulfed in a duvet the colour of the sun?? This cushion isn't the usual IKEA black and white cushion that everyone on youtube and in the blogosphere has but it's very similar and I can't wait to add this to my cushion party that lives on my bed. Like I said, my bed covers are either white or yellow and this cosy knitted Annbritt throw would be perfect for that extra warmth in the winter or just to cover my legs if I'm sat on my bed rather than me having to get into bed and then falling asleep within 5 minutes.

Now having looked in my room and looked back at the collage of items above, I'm having second thoughts that this Arstid wall lamp would actually suit my room. Logically, it would but then I haven't really much room either side of my bed as my window frames my bed so the wall lights either side (hotel style) wouldn't work and then a random light in the middle of the wall isn't really a good look. What was I thinking? 

We have all seen these beautiful Malm chest of drawers but usually in white. Before I moved into my new place I used to have white furniture (wardrobe, chest of drawers and storage unit) and it just felt very young and yes they did look pretty but I am now into plain wood which matches my old but modern (it's a barn conversion) house so I went for the oak Malm chest. It's such good value and it feels so sturdy and the minimalistic, no handles look just does it for me!

I never thought I could live without a mirror but I can tell you right now it's bloody hard but I've managed 3 months with just a shaving mirror, I don't know how, maybe I've just looked mismatched in the clothing department and everyone has neglected to mention this fact. I love free-standing mirrors but I just wish this Harran standing mirror had a wooden frame but it's such good value for money as mirrors cost an arm and a leg so I think I could deal with a little bit of white making it's way into my bedroom.

The piece de resistance  my Herefoss bed frame, this beauty is in the centre of my room showing off it's beautiful wood and giving me a good nights sleep on the daily. It might be more to do with my mattress (that'll be making an appearance in another post soon) but the bed obviously helps. So simple, you can't go wrong, one tip for you and this bed, definitely don't skip of putting those metal rod things to hold the shape of the bed otherwise the slats fall down...regularly, doesn't really put you in a good mood when they go at 3am and you have to take of the mattress and put them back I can tell you.

Having a plain white duvet cover at the moment I quite fancy the Emmie Spets quilt cover because of the detailing at the top, it'll make my room that little bit more girly. Lastly is my latest purchase from IKEA, although I made a huge, idiotic minor error in buying the Bran table lamp base without a light bulb and no lamp shade, so this is living in my cupboard currently. I thought this was so cute and on my next visit I'm going to get another one to match, maybe even the larger one. But I do have a little issue, I can't seem to find a lamp shade to match, do I go small, big? Help me please.

Total price of future haul: £338

What's on your bedroom wish list?

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