Ikea Wish List: Dining

So what's my dining room like? 
I technically don't have a dining room as I have an open-plan ground floor. I have managed to split one end into a living room and the other half into a dining area, small but it works. The colour scheme is the same everywhere with greyish skirting boards and neutral coloured walls with a hint of blue. I try to keep it simple and in keeping with the oak flooring so I normally stick to naked wood.

I am currently sat at this beast of a table, the HOGSBY table. I love how heavy and bulky it is which completely suits my dining area and with four NORRNAS chairs sat around. I may buy a couple more to make it six, if I were to move and have a larger dining area of an actual room rather than my open plan ground floor. The table and chairs look as if they don't match at all but it must just be the pictures as in real life, they match perfectly.

On the wall next to my table is the EXPEDIT storage unit which has my cook books, napkins and general other bits that I can't put else where. The drawers come in handy, as do the cupboards so this is where my laptop is lurking as my office is still non-exsistent in progress. Plus the drawers are handy for a quick tidy of the table, in other words, shove everything in there and hide it!

I have been wanting something for the middle of the table for when I have guests over but maybe even when I've cooked a meal. I found the VILLIG scented 3-wick candle on the website and this will be coming home with me on my next shopping trip. Plus the fact that it's scented will be lovely, not sure what scent mind you but hopefully a nice one. And lastly, the BLOMSTER Lantern looks like a perfect home for the candle.

Total cost of future haul: £418

What's on your dining wish list?

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