Ikea Wish List: Office

What's my office like?
You want to know about my office? Well it's cosy, warm, spacious...it's my bedroom. I currently do not have a space for my office so I either work on my bed or on the dining table downstairs.

So the Gerton and Linnmon table tops are very similar but the Linnmon looks slightly cheaper in the way in which it looks like a beech effect rather than a deeper oak effect (purely preference). The price difference also reflects the quality which leads me to being quite torn between the two but I have found that the Linnmon table top comes in white and I am being very indecisive when it comes to buying a desk as I will be sat at it for a fairly decent amount of time. To hold up whichever table top I decide on I want a pair of trestles which look so cute but again I am undecided. You should all know my love for bare wood but I couldn't find the Oddvald trestle in bare wood so I could then get a white table top (black and white may be too much on the eye).

On top of the currently undecided desk, one or two Pluggis boxes will sit. I will probably use these for bits and bobs such as paper clips, small bits of paperwork or cables that are not in use. I think they will look cute on both an oak or a white table top so my options are still open at the moment. As well as my Pluggis boxes, I would love the Kvissle cable management box to keep any chargers etc under control and keep my work place neat and tidy, plus the cork top matches my style really well. 

To sit at my desk I want a black chair to tie in everything else in my house at the moment, plus black is so easy to put with any colour scheme which means if I have a change of heart and move then this Gregor swivel chair won't be a one place use. 

Walls in an office should be kept to a minimum in my opinion so a couple of simple Lack wall shelves would be perfect to put a picture frame and maybe a cute little cactus. And for the last wall piece, it has to be Kludd noticeboard where I can write myself reminders or to draw a picture (like the child I am inside).

Total price of future haul: £212

What is on your office wish list and which desk should I go for?

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