Is a clothes dryer worth it?

Since recently moving, I was used to several radiators on the ground floor for drying clothes and if I got really desperate I resorted to using the radiators upstairs, but now in my new house I have just the two radiators on the ground floor. I have never really liked using a tumble dryer to dry my clothes, only towels get the privilege of that because who doesn't love fluffy towels.

I've always looked at these clothes dryers as a waste of space but during the move I accumulated a lot of dirty clothes that almost killed our new washing machine. The two radiators (only one of which is easy to put clothes on) were overloaded with wet clothes, so I took a chance and bought a clothes dryer. Ideally, I wanted a wooden one as everything in my house is bare wood (I think you all know how much I love bare wood by now) so it would match but then I don't like the idea of wet clothes being on it and therefore being slightly damp all the time.

It's sturdy, neutrally coloured and fairly small yet with more than enough room to put a full wash on to dry. After all my scepticism, it actually dries clothes really well and quickly, sometimes I do still put some items on the radiator to dry super quick but the majority of the time the clothes dryers comes out on top. I have a glass porch that is inside the house rather than an exterior (sticking out) one, so this means due to the glass it gets super hot in there, even on the cloudy days. I load up my trusty clothes dryer and put it in the porch and it dries twice as quick! Another brilliant thing about the clothes dryer is it keeps creasing to a minimum which means less time spent on ironing. Perfect.

Do you own a clothes dryer? 

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