Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipsticks

I know for a fact that most of you will have heard about the Seventeen Mirror Shine lipsticks, especially Beehive (I was so late to the Beehive party). So obviously, as a girl that is obsessed with make up and reading blogs, I just had to lose my Seventeen virginity to Beehive, my lipstick virginity in fact. This is such an easy colour to wear as it is a "your lips but better" perfect colour that I think suits all skin tones from ghost white (myself) to super tanned skin. It has a peachy tone which I love because this allows other people to tell you've made an effort to put lipstick on but it's not a bold statement lip. Great for a first time lipstick user!

The formula is creamy and moisturising but really doesn't stick around for more than an hour on my lips but that could just be because I am yet to get used to having something more than a lip balm on my lips. The next lipstick purchase soon came along in the form of Belle which I saw Gemsmaquillage mention. This is more of a plum colour that is more visible...the perfect next step up from Beehive. And my last purchase of these beautiful lipsticks was Love Note which is a cherry red that you can pat out for a subtle red lip or build up to a gorgeous bright red, I keep it somewhere in the middle. Love Note is the perfect red lip that takes very little effort.

Available to purchase here for £4.79

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