Wish List: Statement Necklaces

Premium Five Row Stone Collar (£70), ASOS Warrior Necklace (£18), Light Pink Coated Statement Necklace (£12), Adele Marie Silver Ring Necklace (£33), Rebecca Colour Stone Necklace (£8), Yellow, Cluster Daisy Statement Necklace (£28), M&S Collection Tubular Necklace (£10), Adele Marie Multi Chain Necklace (£30)

A good statement necklace can bring together any outfit and make it look effortlessly stylish. I normally go for a plain top, no doubt it will be black and then a big statement necklace with jeans and black boots. I never used to like any sort of gems on necklaces as I thought they looked quite tacky, could do anyway and also with jewellery I don't really go for colours. So when you're looking at this wish list, bare in mind that I am slowly getting used to colours on jewellery.

Which is your favourite out of the above?  Do you like colourful jewellery?

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