Dry Eyes: My Tips

My eyes have just gotten worse and worse over the past year. I started with 20:20 vision and now I need glasses and suffer from dry eyes that make me feel like I have only had 2 hours sleep and blink every 5 minutes.

I couldn't believe it when I went from perfect vision to the optician telling me that my right eye is no good for long-distance and my left eye is slowly making its way to the standard of the right eye. Glasses were a big fat yes so I could read the board in college and see in general. I went for a sexy pair of Gok Wan glasses with the pop of blue on the inside, beautiful. The only problem with these are the fact that I am well endowed in the cheek department (my face is more-or-less the size of the moon) so the rims touch my cheeks when I smile meaning that I get marks left on my cheeks and also where they rest on my nose. So if I wear them, I'm wearing them for he entire day.

Since moving my eyes have gradually become drier and more irritated, this could be due to the increase in pollution moving from Norfolk (somewhere in the sticks) to London. But it could be that paired with the fact that I need glasses a lot. Whatever the reason my eyes have been very dry.

If you're okay with eye drops I would highly recommend that Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops as they instantly rehydrate your eyes but I soon found that I am not an eye drop person as I can't seem to co-ordinate the whole dropping and blinking thing. 

For those of you that want to rehydrate your eyes in the form of something other than drops, the Actimist Dry and Irritated Eye Spray may be for you. I can imagine that most will be sceptical about how well a mist could rehydrate your eyes, give it a go as it worked for me. This is mist is light enough to use with make up on without smudging it and with a couple of sprays on each eye it rehydrates your eyes in a couple of minutes. I like to keep this little spray in my handbag just in case I need it on the go and the size is just perfect.

Another way to try and minimise the dryness is taking off my eye make-up as soon as I get in, whether it be from University or work. This means that my eyes have nothing to irritate them like mascara or concealer and they can relax so to speak. Recently I have been taking a small bottle of Bioderma to work with me as I have an hours commute each day so as soon as I get on the train I become one of those girls that has a transformation right in their seat (you know the ones I'm talking about, the girl that gets on, hair up, no make-up and gets off looking glamorous with a full face of make-up on). I dab some on a cotton wool pad and gently remove my eye make-up and sometimes the whole she-bang, apply some cooling eye cream; I instantly feel refreshed.

I am currently thinking about making the change to wearing contact lenses rather than my glasses, so we will see how my eyes handle that, I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Do you have any tips for dry eyes?

Lush Big Sea Salt Shampoo

If you're like me and have limp hair that just is just flat and lifeless, when you see something that promises a bit of volume, I just can't help myself.

At my closest Lush store I have a bit of a bond with the sales assistant, she is so enthusiast and talks with her hands more than I do (shocking discovery). So when I went in the other day she asked whether I had tried the Big shampoo yet and no was my answer. The sea salt and general jelly like formula put me off straight away, the smell is fairly nice and I love the idea of the natural ingredients, still so I just wasn't sure. She assured me that the salt comes out easily and this won't leave my hair looking like a birds nest, it'll give me the texture I am looking for.

Lisa, you were so right. First wash, I scooped out an enormous amount into my palm and  it lathered up in an instance, a little too much as I had developed a bubbly afro. I concentrated on the roots of my hair where I need the most lift and tried to keep away from the ends which are naturally very dry. Much to my surprise the salt dissolved after about 30 seconds of massaging into my scalp and washed out with no problems. I then used my current conditioner on the ends of my hair and I was done.

The Big shampoo gives you a bit of grit and texture to your hair and my hair didn't become greasy as quickly as it usually would and with a bit of a ruffle my hair easily gained the texture I needed, no other products nescessary.

The Big Shampoo is available here for £11.50

HAIR TYPE: My hair is usually very greasy at the roots and dry at the ends. I tend to wash my hair every other day, it sometimes lasts for a third day with a bit of help from a dry shampoo. My hair is not dyed  and I use a curling wand about 3 times a week.

The Body Shop Hand Creams

Hand cream is one thing you can never have too many of. The chilly winter weather has transformed my once soft and supple hands into old lady hands, so some serious rehydrating was needed and The Body Shop came out on top when I hit the shops.

I always remember my Mum using the Hemp Hand Protector when I was younger and the unusual smell has become somewhat of a weakness and reminds me of my Mum who I am now 3 hours away from. The Hemp Hand Protector is a thick balm like cream that sinks in very quickly (unless you smother your hands in it, then I strongly advise you not to touch anything for a good hour). Just to let you all know about the much talked about debate on whether it is illegal due to the link of cannabis, it's a hand cream, don't smoke it to get high, just moisturise your hands. I can't see the problem but each to their own I suppose.

The other options they have are Absinthe which unfortunately they didn't have a tester so I'm not sure whether that matches up to the Hemp version. The rose scented one was too strong for me and then I spotted the almond version, I'm sorry but who doesn't want to smell like marzipan, I know I want to. This version is a hand and nail cream meaning it is lighter in consistency with a heavenly smell. Not only having dry hands at the moment, I always have dry cuticles that I tend to pick at to the stage of drawing blood (not a pretty image, apologies) so having a two in one is ideal to keep in my handbag to keep all aspects of my hands hydrated.

I love the packaging as it is a foil tube rather than plastic, I just find that it always looks so much more expensive than it actually is, plus you can get every last drop out of it without the frustration of rolling up and plastic bottle. I decided to get the smaller 30ml size so it's easy to travel around with in my handbag and I might go back a purchase a larger version to keep by my bed side so I can try and get into the routine of applying it before bed. I will be rid of these old lady hands by the Summer I swear.

These hand creams are £5 each but currently on 3 for 2 making them an amazing bargain you shouldn't say no to.

New In: Chelsea Boots

I have wanted a pair of chelsea boots for ages and a couple months back I purchased these babies in black and they are the comfiest boots I own. They are so flattering with jeans or a cute little dress for day to day wear. Now I tend to destroy shoes so it's no surprise that the heel is worn more on one side and the sole has already come away from the shoe but for the price I am not going to complain. Also with wearing these daily for both work and leisure I can understand that they have definitely been put through their paces!

Now I bought my black ones in a size 4 which is a touch too small for me and when I finally decided to buy the oxblood version I got them in a size 5 which are roomier and so much more comfortable, hopefully they won't stretch too much.

Lets talk about the delivery, these people are the bees knees (forgive my use of the bad catchphrase). I order this on the Monday and by Wednesday morning I was wandering around the supermarket in them. That's the service you want!

My black babies will be making their way to heaven soon so I'll be heading back to ebay to repurchase another black pair any day now.

Available to purchase here for £14.99 (usually £29.99 so get them quick!)

A post will be coming on my most loved black version in the next week!

Burt's Bees Lip Balm Review

If you want a plain and simple lip balm that moisturises your lips then the Honey Lip Balm would be best for you. This balm isn't strongly scented like other lip balms and it actually feels like it's doing good rather than just sitting on top like Vaseline does. This is the lip balm that lives on my windowsill next to my bed to apply before I go to sleep every night. When I wake up I can still feel it on my lips, in a good way.

The Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil is my favourite Burt's Bees lip balm I have tried by far. It is so moisturising and gives your lips just enough of a wash of colour, yet remains looking so natural. I use this lip balm throughout the day to keep my lips looking healthy and moisturised and as you can see it has been well used to say the least. I am currently debating whether to repurchase or to try the purple one although I'm not sure whether it gives any colour to your lips, further research is needed.

My latest lip balm purchase was the Pink Grapefruit Lip Balm which I came across in Boots having not seen it before. I just assumed it would be similar to the Pomegranate one and give a wash of colour but this time pink but I was a little disappointed to find that it was the same colour as my honey one. I think I must have gotten too overwhelmed having not seen it before and mistakenly thought I liked the scent of pink grapefruit... I soon found out that it is not my cup of tea at all. It's citrusy but not in a good way as it is so strong and while it is on the lips that's all you can taste and smell. This is becoming my lazy day lip balm that lives in my comfy hoody for days where the sofa is the place to be and University work is taking over. Don't get me wrong, the balm is moisturising and has such a creamy texture on the lips, it's just the scent that puts me off.

All the lip balms are available to purchase at £3.69

Have you tried any of the Burt's Bees lip balms? Which would you recommend?

Love Film Subscription

I subscribed to LoveFilm around a year ago now and I loved it but then for £7.99 a month and the small amount of time I had due to working two jobs, it was pointless so I ended my subscription. Now that I am studying and only working one job, I have more time available to watch films so when Natwest told me about changing my account type and gaining many benefits, I accepted straight away.

The account I changed to was the Silver account which includes travel insurance, phone insurance and a Lovefilm subscription of 3 discs a month and all I pay is £10 per month. I think this is the perfect deal, especially the phone insurance which I would probably pay £10 a month for, we all know how easily iPhones break.

Lovefilm allows you to create a rental list of all the films you would like to rent and they suggest the minimum of 10 titles at all times in your rental list so as if one is not available then there is always an option to send you. You have three categories to file your films in, low, medium and high priority. This means that when Lovefilm are about to send you your next disc, they will try and send you the higher priority ones first.

Lovefilm has thousands of films available, you can even reserve films that aren't even out yet. You also have  a choice of DVD or Blu-ray and recently I have seen the option of 3D on some films, Our Universe 3D has made it's way to the top of  my rental list. Your disc will usually arrive a couple of days after you have sent your last one off and when your disc is initially posted, you will receive an email telling you your next rental is on the way and it does tell you what film but they do it so that if you were to accidently open the email and you didn't want to know what's on the way (my friend loves keeping it hidden so it's a surprise when it arrives), and it's not displayed in the subject box. Now I try not to have a look and keep it as a surprise but I'm not very patient so that never happens.

I know there's an age old debate of Netflix vs. Love Film. Now having being subscribed to both, I am completely for Lovefilm, this is only because I prefer having the disc but the down fall is that I have to wait for it to be returned for Lovefilm to send the next one and then wait for that to arrive. Although this is slightly annoying, Netflix requires a device to watch it on, my laptop is a netbook, my phone is too small and then you cannot get it on Apple Tv which I'm gutted about, but why would Apple endorse the competition? All of that means Netflix is a struggle to actually watch. I initially signed up for Netflix to watch the Prison Break series again (yes, I meant to put again...I have watched all the series...twice) and then when I had finished I cancelled my subscription because I just found that there weren't actually many films on there that I wanted to see. It may have changed, and I slightly miss having Netflix at the moment considering Breaking Bad is on there, it's on my Lovefilm rental list as a high priority so lets keep our fingers crossed!

Do you subscribe to any rental services? Which do you prefer?
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