Dry Eyes: My Tips

My eyes have just gotten worse and worse over the past year. I started with 20:20 vision and now I need glasses and suffer from dry eyes that make me feel like I have only had 2 hours sleep and blink every 5 minutes.

I couldn't believe it when I went from perfect vision to the optician telling me that my right eye is no good for long-distance and my left eye is slowly making its way to the standard of the right eye. Glasses were a big fat yes so I could read the board in college and see in general. I went for a sexy pair of Gok Wan glasses with the pop of blue on the inside, beautiful. The only problem with these are the fact that I am well endowed in the cheek department (my face is more-or-less the size of the moon) so the rims touch my cheeks when I smile meaning that I get marks left on my cheeks and also where they rest on my nose. So if I wear them, I'm wearing them for he entire day.

Since moving my eyes have gradually become drier and more irritated, this could be due to the increase in pollution moving from Norfolk (somewhere in the sticks) to London. But it could be that paired with the fact that I need glasses a lot. Whatever the reason my eyes have been very dry.

If you're okay with eye drops I would highly recommend that Optrex Rehydrating Eye Drops as they instantly rehydrate your eyes but I soon found that I am not an eye drop person as I can't seem to co-ordinate the whole dropping and blinking thing. 

For those of you that want to rehydrate your eyes in the form of something other than drops, the Actimist Dry and Irritated Eye Spray may be for you. I can imagine that most will be sceptical about how well a mist could rehydrate your eyes, give it a go as it worked for me. This is mist is light enough to use with make up on without smudging it and with a couple of sprays on each eye it rehydrates your eyes in a couple of minutes. I like to keep this little spray in my handbag just in case I need it on the go and the size is just perfect.

Another way to try and minimise the dryness is taking off my eye make-up as soon as I get in, whether it be from University or work. This means that my eyes have nothing to irritate them like mascara or concealer and they can relax so to speak. Recently I have been taking a small bottle of Bioderma to work with me as I have an hours commute each day so as soon as I get on the train I become one of those girls that has a transformation right in their seat (you know the ones I'm talking about, the girl that gets on, hair up, no make-up and gets off looking glamorous with a full face of make-up on). I dab some on a cotton wool pad and gently remove my eye make-up and sometimes the whole she-bang, apply some cooling eye cream; I instantly feel refreshed.

I am currently thinking about making the change to wearing contact lenses rather than my glasses, so we will see how my eyes handle that, I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Do you have any tips for dry eyes?

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