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I subscribed to LoveFilm around a year ago now and I loved it but then for £7.99 a month and the small amount of time I had due to working two jobs, it was pointless so I ended my subscription. Now that I am studying and only working one job, I have more time available to watch films so when Natwest told me about changing my account type and gaining many benefits, I accepted straight away.

The account I changed to was the Silver account which includes travel insurance, phone insurance and a Lovefilm subscription of 3 discs a month and all I pay is £10 per month. I think this is the perfect deal, especially the phone insurance which I would probably pay £10 a month for, we all know how easily iPhones break.

Lovefilm allows you to create a rental list of all the films you would like to rent and they suggest the minimum of 10 titles at all times in your rental list so as if one is not available then there is always an option to send you. You have three categories to file your films in, low, medium and high priority. This means that when Lovefilm are about to send you your next disc, they will try and send you the higher priority ones first.

Lovefilm has thousands of films available, you can even reserve films that aren't even out yet. You also have  a choice of DVD or Blu-ray and recently I have seen the option of 3D on some films, Our Universe 3D has made it's way to the top of  my rental list. Your disc will usually arrive a couple of days after you have sent your last one off and when your disc is initially posted, you will receive an email telling you your next rental is on the way and it does tell you what film but they do it so that if you were to accidently open the email and you didn't want to know what's on the way (my friend loves keeping it hidden so it's a surprise when it arrives), and it's not displayed in the subject box. Now I try not to have a look and keep it as a surprise but I'm not very patient so that never happens.

I know there's an age old debate of Netflix vs. Love Film. Now having being subscribed to both, I am completely for Lovefilm, this is only because I prefer having the disc but the down fall is that I have to wait for it to be returned for Lovefilm to send the next one and then wait for that to arrive. Although this is slightly annoying, Netflix requires a device to watch it on, my laptop is a netbook, my phone is too small and then you cannot get it on Apple Tv which I'm gutted about, but why would Apple endorse the competition? All of that means Netflix is a struggle to actually watch. I initially signed up for Netflix to watch the Prison Break series again (yes, I meant to put again...I have watched all the series...twice) and then when I had finished I cancelled my subscription because I just found that there weren't actually many films on there that I wanted to see. It may have changed, and I slightly miss having Netflix at the moment considering Breaking Bad is on there, it's on my Lovefilm rental list as a high priority so lets keep our fingers crossed!

Do you subscribe to any rental services? Which do you prefer?

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