New In: Chelsea Boots

I have wanted a pair of chelsea boots for ages and a couple months back I purchased these babies in black and they are the comfiest boots I own. They are so flattering with jeans or a cute little dress for day to day wear. Now I tend to destroy shoes so it's no surprise that the heel is worn more on one side and the sole has already come away from the shoe but for the price I am not going to complain. Also with wearing these daily for both work and leisure I can understand that they have definitely been put through their paces!

Now I bought my black ones in a size 4 which is a touch too small for me and when I finally decided to buy the oxblood version I got them in a size 5 which are roomier and so much more comfortable, hopefully they won't stretch too much.

Lets talk about the delivery, these people are the bees knees (forgive my use of the bad catchphrase). I order this on the Monday and by Wednesday morning I was wandering around the supermarket in them. That's the service you want!

My black babies will be making their way to heaven soon so I'll be heading back to ebay to repurchase another black pair any day now.

Available to purchase here for £14.99 (usually £29.99 so get them quick!)

A post will be coming on my most loved black version in the next week!

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