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Hand cream is one thing you can never have too many of. The chilly winter weather has transformed my once soft and supple hands into old lady hands, so some serious rehydrating was needed and The Body Shop came out on top when I hit the shops.

I always remember my Mum using the Hemp Hand Protector when I was younger and the unusual smell has become somewhat of a weakness and reminds me of my Mum who I am now 3 hours away from. The Hemp Hand Protector is a thick balm like cream that sinks in very quickly (unless you smother your hands in it, then I strongly advise you not to touch anything for a good hour). Just to let you all know about the much talked about debate on whether it is illegal due to the link of cannabis, it's a hand cream, don't smoke it to get high, just moisturise your hands. I can't see the problem but each to their own I suppose.

The other options they have are Absinthe which unfortunately they didn't have a tester so I'm not sure whether that matches up to the Hemp version. The rose scented one was too strong for me and then I spotted the almond version, I'm sorry but who doesn't want to smell like marzipan, I know I want to. This version is a hand and nail cream meaning it is lighter in consistency with a heavenly smell. Not only having dry hands at the moment, I always have dry cuticles that I tend to pick at to the stage of drawing blood (not a pretty image, apologies) so having a two in one is ideal to keep in my handbag to keep all aspects of my hands hydrated.

I love the packaging as it is a foil tube rather than plastic, I just find that it always looks so much more expensive than it actually is, plus you can get every last drop out of it without the frustration of rolling up and plastic bottle. I decided to get the smaller 30ml size so it's easy to travel around with in my handbag and I might go back a purchase a larger version to keep by my bed side so I can try and get into the routine of applying it before bed. I will be rid of these old lady hands by the Summer I swear.

These hand creams are £5 each but currently on 3 for 2 making them an amazing bargain you shouldn't say no to.

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