Bathroom Tour

Finally got around to doing a bathroom tour. I only have a small bathroom across from my bedroom, this was one of many things that drew me to move into this lovely house. 

When it comes to bathrooms I like to keep it neutral and stay clear of bright colours. In some bathrooms it works, but for me, I would go off of the accent colour easily I think, a little too fickle sometimes some would say.

I think I got lucky when I moved in, the entire house has been done in neutral colours but yet not just your usual magnolia or white, a very pale duck egg blue colour coats the walls with a pale grey (almost lilac in some lights) graces the skirting boards. All the doors in the house are a deep oak wood colour which keeps it simple and whatever colour scheme I adopt would go in any bathroom/house if I choose to move.

The only thing I don't love about this bathroom is the fact that I have yet to figure out somewhere to store towels, and also an effective way to store my face clothes rather than stacking them up next to my MUJI storages boxes.

If you have any questions, ask away...

Wish List: Bravissismo Bikini Edition

The Summer season is coming up and I take it we are all working on our bikini bodies, I know I am. Here are my favourite picks from Bravissimo at the moment, I will be spending a good few hours with the ladies at Bravissimo to pick myself one good quality bikini for a trip to Crete this year.

Some of the bikinis have alternative briefs that are tie sides which I think if I achieve my goal in toning up by July, I will be sure to get the other (also cheaper) briefs. My pasty white skin may not suit all these colours and I would strongly recommend going into Bravissimo as you can see which suit you and you can vary so much in bra sizes. I know some may think calling an assistant in might be embarrassing or intrusive but they are amazing women. Some ladies may want to act like they are not just in their bra and knickers and just get it over with, others (like me) aren't really bothered and I always have a good giggle with the ladies helping. The great thing is that the assistants know exactly which one you are and adapt, there is no awkwardness. When I want good quality lingerie/swimwear, Bravissimo is always my first stop. If your budget doesn't allow this, the next best thing is M&S.

Valentine Bikini Top £38 (£58), Pippa Bikini Top £31 (£45.50), San Maritz Bikini Top £36 (£58), Los Angeles Bikini Top £45 (£70), Honolulu Bikini Top £36 (£57), Sicily Bikini Top £34 (£56).

(Total cost for bikini top and bottom are in brackets)

Where do you buy your bikinis? I would love to hear your holiday destinations for this year as well.

One Line A Day - A Five Year Memory Book

I saw this on someone's blog and for the life of me I cannot remember who's blog. If you haven't seen this sort of diary before, the concept is that you are to write one line (don't worry you get several to write the days happenings) each day throughout the year and then for the coming 4 years you do exactly the same. I think it is so cute as you can look back on what happening on that exact day every year.

It is taking some getting used to, writing in it each day and there may be a couple of blank days as I have completely forgotten what I did that day and sometimes all I've written is I worked all day and did nothing else. An exciting life I lead!

This was very reasonably priced for such a lovely little keepsake. The colours being Tiffany blue with gold detailing which are classically stylish. This little book would be the perfect gift for someone so stock up for this Christmas as there is £1 off at Waterstones at the moment.

Available here for £10.99
FYI you can collect Boots Treat Street points at Waterstones.

Wish List: H&M Sale Edition

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Nike Lunarlon Trainers

These are my pride and you can tell by the condition they are in.

I used to go to the gym daily when I lived in Norfolk with my feet ill-equipped with a rubbish pair of trainers that probably cost me a fiver. Damn did I see and feel the difference, especially with running. My feet are now so grateful for the proper support. I mean feet deserve a bit of TLC, my poor feet have to put up with me shoving them into those gorgeous sandals every year for the summer season that literally cut up my feet.

I wasn't too sure of what trainers to get initially but I would highly recommend going into a Nike shop and actually asking for advice as you do need different support for different exercises, running on concrete will need more support than being on the treadmill. Now I wanted a pair reasonably priced that would suit most things, so a do all pair. The lovely assistant got many different types and we settled on these as they will support me in all areas, plus £45 price tag you can't grumble.

I can't comment on the lasting power as of yet, but I'll keep you posted on their condition.

What trainers do you wear to the gym? Would you recommend Nike trainers?

An Auction Is Worth A Visit

I'm not usually one to go to the auctions but my Mum is currently doing up her house and found that the auctions is a great place to get cheap furniture to do up (post coming up on her gorgeous living room soon). And well when I returned to little old Norfolk, I found myself being dragged along to an auction. Now I just kept thinking it must be full of junk and yes, sometimes it is but there are some gems to be found.

I ended up buying a box of bits and bobs for £1 and I was so chuffed on getting these for just 50p each and the rest that was in the box I gave it to my Mum to put back into the auction or sell on. Not only are there some great bits to find, especially on the furniture front, the thrill of bidding, I could see this getting addictive..not to mention expensive.

Do you go to auctions? I would love to know what bargains you've found.

Collection Work The Colour Nude Eye Palette

Who doesn't love a good neutral palette and I believe I have found a bargain in the Collection Work The Colour Nude Eye Palette. I mainly use just 3 of the shades but even so, it's a great price for how much I love the shades.

I first spotted this elsewhere on a blog and I found myself that very same day in Boots swatching this little palette. I have to admit that I only really use 3 shades but then I'm not complaining. The colour pay-off isn't perfect, some shades are too pigmented but others really work well and last pretty well, even on my greasy lids!

I'm not keen on the cheap cardboard packaging but I'm considering of trying to take out the pans a purchase a Z palette to put them in. For a daytime look I like to take the second 1 colour which is a champagne colour with not too much sparkle or glitter and then the third 3 shade using an angled brush to apply close to the upper lash line and then smudge out a little.

For a night-time look, I like to take the champagne colour over the lid as a light base and then the second 2 shade all over, concentrating on the crease. To then deepen the colour of the crease to create a more intense look I add the third 2 shade in a V shape in the corner of each eye. To finish off the neutral smoky look I take a little of the second 2 shade with a small shadow brush and run that along my lower lash line. Apply heaps of mascara and Bob's your Uncle...I'm done.

My Face Friday #3

I decided to take a break from working out and my getting fit programme this weekend, as I'm travelling back to Norfolk to see family tonight. I would preferably have no trace of make up on my face when I work out but with my face being home to a wealth of blemishes I need a little something something to make me look normal. I have now got the confidence to slap on a bit of under eye concealer and make my brows semi presentable and off I trot to the gym.

The rest of my day consisted of going to university and then work later on so I wanted to keep my make up to a minimum (doesn't look that way when you look at the amount of products pictured). I am currently trying out a sample of the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation I got a little while back and I really love it when it comes to wanting a foundation that looks like skin. The coverage is lacking but that's what I wanted today, something light that will let my blemishes show through (it's bad when you say blemishes rather than freckles, what has my world come to?!). The colour is slightly off but easily blended into my pasty white skin, but once I get some much need vitamin D the colour will be perfect.

I topped up the under-eye concealer and set my base in place with my usual Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder. My brows didn't need much done to them as the Benefit Brow Zing has the staying power of a God and stays put even after a sweaty work out. I just tamed the odd unruly hair with the Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara. I have got back into my Revlon Pinched Cream Blush and the highlighter from Sleek Contour Kit in Light pairing to add colour and cheekbones to my round-as-a-football face. A sweep of the skin-toned eye liner from UNE in my water line and a coat of my beloved Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara and Bob's your uncle..lazy minimal make-up day.

I decided to add a little more colour and try out the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick again, I'm still getting used to brighter colours on my lips. I just never think they suit me but I think Nudist is a great place to start for trying pinks.

What are your products on your go to lazy make-up days?

What's in my shower?

I hardly have a bath any more due to my bath being bigger than the average bath and takes a lifetime to fill and also I never really have the time since beginning to work nights (morning baths just aren't right in my books). But when I do venture into a relaxation evening and pamper myself with a bath I use Radox Muscle Therapy Herbal Bath (£1) which foams up a treat and the ingredients and scent are perfect to soak achy muscles in. I am one of those people who always injures themselves, the latest thing I inflicted upon myself was a dislocated shoulder caused by a couple glasses of wine, heels and a little stumble. So when I saw a muscle soak bubble bath on offer, I headed straight to the tills with the pound ready in my hand. 

The Loreal Ever Riche Shampoo (£5.99) started off perfectly and my hair did not become too greasy after the second day and then once I had reach two thirds through my hair decided that it was going to get greasy on the second day and reject this shampoo completely. I just use this about once a week now, sometimes not even that often to use it up.

When I bought the EverRiche Shampoo, I thought I might as well buy the Loreal Ever Riche Conditioner (£5.99) to go with it. The texture of this feels like a treatment as it is so thick which is perfect for my dry ends. I never put this anywhere near my roots due to how greasy my hair can be especially after using the EverRiche shampoo.

Once a week and sometimes even more I like to use a detoxifying shampoo to get rid of any build up and this Naked Detox Shampoo is my current one. I'm not too keen on the smell and it really sticks around for a day or so after washing, but it does leaves my hair feeling super clean. I do use a conditioner on the ends even though it is a two in one product, I just couldn't stand my ends getting too dry. I'm looking forward to using this up and purchasing the well-loved Sunday Shampoo by Bumble & Bumble.

Due to the rejection of the EverRiche, I decided to try another shampoo from the collection and this Loreal Ever Strong Shampoo (£5.99) was the chosen Shampoo. The smell is slightly manly which I'm not so keen on having a head full of hair smelling manly but so far my hair hasn't become overly greasy with this so I'm happy with this so far. I haven't seen any noticeable changes in the strength of my hair though.

I don't think I need to go into depth about the Femfresh Triple Action Soothing Wash (£3.69), I use it daily, enough said. Last but not least is the bargain I got in the Soap and Glory bath box, Foam Call (£6.50). I love how much this foams up and once I transfer a pump onto this bottle it will be perfect. I don't think I need to tell you how amazing Soap and Glory shower gels are, they are worth the money and last for months for me, even with showering twice daily.

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