An Auction Is Worth A Visit

I'm not usually one to go to the auctions but my Mum is currently doing up her house and found that the auctions is a great place to get cheap furniture to do up (post coming up on her gorgeous living room soon). And well when I returned to little old Norfolk, I found myself being dragged along to an auction. Now I just kept thinking it must be full of junk and yes, sometimes it is but there are some gems to be found.

I ended up buying a box of bits and bobs for £1 and I was so chuffed on getting these for just 50p each and the rest that was in the box I gave it to my Mum to put back into the auction or sell on. Not only are there some great bits to find, especially on the furniture front, the thrill of bidding, I could see this getting addictive..not to mention expensive.

Do you go to auctions? I would love to know what bargains you've found.

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