Bathroom Tour

Finally got around to doing a bathroom tour. I only have a small bathroom across from my bedroom, this was one of many things that drew me to move into this lovely house. 

When it comes to bathrooms I like to keep it neutral and stay clear of bright colours. In some bathrooms it works, but for me, I would go off of the accent colour easily I think, a little too fickle sometimes some would say.

I think I got lucky when I moved in, the entire house has been done in neutral colours but yet not just your usual magnolia or white, a very pale duck egg blue colour coats the walls with a pale grey (almost lilac in some lights) graces the skirting boards. All the doors in the house are a deep oak wood colour which keeps it simple and whatever colour scheme I adopt would go in any bathroom/house if I choose to move.

The only thing I don't love about this bathroom is the fact that I have yet to figure out somewhere to store towels, and also an effective way to store my face clothes rather than stacking them up next to my MUJI storages boxes.

If you have any questions, ask away...

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