Nike Lunarlon Trainers

These are my pride and you can tell by the condition they are in.

I used to go to the gym daily when I lived in Norfolk with my feet ill-equipped with a rubbish pair of trainers that probably cost me a fiver. Damn did I see and feel the difference, especially with running. My feet are now so grateful for the proper support. I mean feet deserve a bit of TLC, my poor feet have to put up with me shoving them into those gorgeous sandals every year for the summer season that literally cut up my feet.

I wasn't too sure of what trainers to get initially but I would highly recommend going into a Nike shop and actually asking for advice as you do need different support for different exercises, running on concrete will need more support than being on the treadmill. Now I wanted a pair reasonably priced that would suit most things, so a do all pair. The lovely assistant got many different types and we settled on these as they will support me in all areas, plus £45 price tag you can't grumble.

I can't comment on the lasting power as of yet, but I'll keep you posted on their condition.

What trainers do you wear to the gym? Would you recommend Nike trainers?

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