One Line A Day - A Five Year Memory Book

I saw this on someone's blog and for the life of me I cannot remember who's blog. If you haven't seen this sort of diary before, the concept is that you are to write one line (don't worry you get several to write the days happenings) each day throughout the year and then for the coming 4 years you do exactly the same. I think it is so cute as you can look back on what happening on that exact day every year.

It is taking some getting used to, writing in it each day and there may be a couple of blank days as I have completely forgotten what I did that day and sometimes all I've written is I worked all day and did nothing else. An exciting life I lead!

This was very reasonably priced for such a lovely little keepsake. The colours being Tiffany blue with gold detailing which are classically stylish. This little book would be the perfect gift for someone so stock up for this Christmas as there is £1 off at Waterstones at the moment.

Available here for £10.99
FYI you can collect Boots Treat Street points at Waterstones.

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