Wish List: Bravissismo Bikini Edition

The Summer season is coming up and I take it we are all working on our bikini bodies, I know I am. Here are my favourite picks from Bravissimo at the moment, I will be spending a good few hours with the ladies at Bravissimo to pick myself one good quality bikini for a trip to Crete this year.

Some of the bikinis have alternative briefs that are tie sides which I think if I achieve my goal in toning up by July, I will be sure to get the other (also cheaper) briefs. My pasty white skin may not suit all these colours and I would strongly recommend going into Bravissimo as you can see which suit you and you can vary so much in bra sizes. I know some may think calling an assistant in might be embarrassing or intrusive but they are amazing women. Some ladies may want to act like they are not just in their bra and knickers and just get it over with, others (like me) aren't really bothered and I always have a good giggle with the ladies helping. The great thing is that the assistants know exactly which one you are and adapt, there is no awkwardness. When I want good quality lingerie/swimwear, Bravissimo is always my first stop. If your budget doesn't allow this, the next best thing is M&S.

Valentine Bikini Top £38 (£58), Pippa Bikini Top £31 (£45.50), San Maritz Bikini Top £36 (£58), Los Angeles Bikini Top £45 (£70), Honolulu Bikini Top £36 (£57), Sicily Bikini Top £34 (£56).

(Total cost for bikini top and bottom are in brackets)

Where do you buy your bikinis? I would love to hear your holiday destinations for this year as well.

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