Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Review

The only balm that I had previously tried was Ultrabland from Lush which is an thick oily texture that leaves a slight residue. So when it came to taking this cleansing balm for a test run it was pleasantly surprised as this texture was more my cup of tea, saying that Ultrabland will always have a place in my heart. The texture of the Take The Day Off Balm is light and as soon as it touches the warmth of your skin it melts into an oil that removes my make-up with ease. Not only does it do the job of 'taking the day off' but it comes off with a warm flannel with ease and no residue is left.

I still use a cotton wool pad soaked in cleansing water (my chosen one of the moment being from Garnier) to take off some of my make-up first and use this balm to remove anything that remains and to cleanse my skin. By no means am I saying I need the first step but I am a sucker for the hype of double cleansing, especially now that I am using an SPF daily. If you didn't already know, I am currently using Duac Once Daily - a prescribed gel that treats mild acne/blemish-prone skin, so I use this balm as both my morning and evening cleanser as I wanted to use something simple and not overload my skin with different cleansers so as it doesn't interfere with my treatment gel.

All in all - I would definitely recommend this cleansing balm, even at the slightly expensive price point of £21, you are paying for quality after all. I can't comment on the longevity at the moment but when it's empty I'll come back and add how long it lasted me so you can judge for yourselves whether it's worth spending that hard-earned cash of yours!

What cleansing balms would you recommend for me to try after this one?

Who cares about thigh gap when your jeans are this pretty

Topshop shop isn't usually the place I go into, I sometimes feel it's for the overly skinny and petite which for a girl with curves and not lacking in the boob department, I can feel a bit out of place. I might get some stick for saying that but when you're having a bad day and shopping (never a good match), Topshop is never the top of my list.

That being said I saw Anna (Vivianna Does Makeup) had bought these and they just looked absolutely gorgeous on her, so the next time I went shopping I made my way to Topshop and tried these beauties on! It was love at first fit! I am a Joni jeans kind of girl and they are the jeans I live in 90% of the time so it was odd trying the Leigh jeans. They are not as high waisted (just below belly button as pictured) which felt kind of odd and I had to go up a size in the waist...damn these hips of mine. The Tile Print Leigh jeans are slightly more expensive as well, at £40, but with student discount I justified the purchase. I love them; they just make a simple outfit fun and with the pattern being in blue, they aren't too far from a pair of jeans and great for people who are new to patterned trousers.

What are your favourite Topshop jeans?

Living Room Tour - Mum's Edition

My Mum has been an absolute darling and let me photograph her living room after she has just done it up, mainly courtesy of auctions, which I admire. All the wooden furniture is from an auction and was previously varnished or painted and now has been sanded down for a distressed look. The only things that aren't from an auction is the TV of course, the wall painting which is from Matalan, the sofa which is from someone on Facebook (a bargain and a great way to sell and buy second hand items) and the beautiful fake flowers on the fire place which I believe came from John Lewis.

I like how this look almost country house with the bare wood and cosy sofa, but then with contemporary pieces that tie it all in together. I love how my Mum has an eye for a bargain at an auction and this just shows that you don't need everything brand new and expensive to make a room feel like home. Overall, not counting the electrical goods (TV and fire place), the room would have cost my mum just over £100 which is amazing. So if you're prepared to do some DIY, definitely make your way to an auction and browse the for sale pages on Facebook.

What bargains have you gotten recently?

Sunday Post: My Life Recently

I haven't done too much recently to be honest with you, I've eaten a lot, treated myself to new clothes and worked. 

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I just can't resist a bargain

So I was just browsing in Boots the other day, as you do and I came across these hand washes. I usually get whatever hand wash is on offer but not the really cheap Boots own one, always has to be anti-bacterial but I find that the Boots own is too drying for my old lady hands. Carex Complete hand washes are usually £1.85 whereas with the current offer, they are 92p each. Who can say no. I've trie the honey and oat one which I think is very similar, if not the same as the Nourish hand wash on the right.

Only a short post for today but I wanted to let you all know about this bargain before it ends.

What is your go to hand wash?

My Face Friday #4: Spring Edition

Now that the good weather is on it's way (funny I'm saying this when it's absolutely chucking it down with rain at the moment) I thought I would change up my make-up and make it a little brighter. I'm not usually one for a bright lip but if you've seen my past couple of My Face Friday's I have been attempting to ease my way into the bright lip club, I have yet to be fully accepted.

I have been using Duac Once Daily (prescription gel) to clear up my bad skin so my skin has changed quite dramatically from being very oily to quite dry and peeling (tmi?) around my cheeks especially. To combat this I have been pairing the Clinique Even Better Foundation (shade Linen) and my Make a Difference Origins moisturiser as my base to create a more moisturising and sheerer coverage which I have been loving as my skin is slowly improving.

I am still loving the Seventeen Stay Time concealer for under my eyes and anywhere else I want some extra coverage. To set my make-up I have swapped in my beloved Rimmel Stay Matte for the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot. I was hesitant to try this powder but bloody hell, I will not be swapping back! This powder doesn't seem to ever look cakey on my skin, no matter how much I apply...believe me I have tried going crazy and applying it with a trowel and I still look glowy and natural. Major props to you Soap & Glory!

To finish my base I am back to the ol' Tarte Tipsy and for extra highlight the Sleek Contour Kit in Light. My eyebrows are courtesy of Benefit Brow-Zings and set with Maybelline Brow Drama, why fix something that is just so damn perfect?! A sweep of dark brown eye-shadow across my upper eyelashes for definition and a coat of Rimmel Scandal Eyes Mascara wakes up my eyes. And finally today the L'oreal L'extraordinare in Rose Symphony is gracing my lips thanks to the beautiful Gemma (Gemsmaquillage) for recommending it.

What are your recommendations for spring lip colours?
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