Living Room Tour - Mum's Edition

My Mum has been an absolute darling and let me photograph her living room after she has just done it up, mainly courtesy of auctions, which I admire. All the wooden furniture is from an auction and was previously varnished or painted and now has been sanded down for a distressed look. The only things that aren't from an auction is the TV of course, the wall painting which is from Matalan, the sofa which is from someone on Facebook (a bargain and a great way to sell and buy second hand items) and the beautiful fake flowers on the fire place which I believe came from John Lewis.

I like how this look almost country house with the bare wood and cosy sofa, but then with contemporary pieces that tie it all in together. I love how my Mum has an eye for a bargain at an auction and this just shows that you don't need everything brand new and expensive to make a room feel like home. Overall, not counting the electrical goods (TV and fire place), the room would have cost my mum just over £100 which is amazing. So if you're prepared to do some DIY, definitely make your way to an auction and browse the for sale pages on Facebook.

What bargains have you gotten recently?

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