Teapigs Haul

I've always wanted to give Teapigs a go, seeing it in a coffee shop in those cute little jars and their unique pyramid tea bags just looked so tempting, but I always chickened out last minute in the fear of not liking it.

I decided to buy the sample pack of twelve which gives me a chance to try many different flavours of tea but then I only have two tea bags per flavour which means if I don't like one then I can just either chuck away the remaining bag or make the boyfriend drink it!

So far, I've tried the popcorn, peppermint and licorice and also the super fruit varieties and I have yet to drink the entire cup. Two sips and I discover that I am probably not a fruit/herbal tea drinker. I'll keep you updated on the remaining flavours, fingers crossed I like at least one.

What is your favourite tea from Teapigs?

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  1. I was so like this at first, I really recommend stocking up on some cheap £1 boxes of Twinings and drinking them! I know they taste... weak. But the more of them you drink I found the more you end up liking them! That's what I did anyway! xx


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