Healthy Grocery Haul

Recently, with my fast-approaching holiday I've been on a bit of a health-kick and not to mention the fact that I have been feeling really unhealthy and sluggish as well. So yesterday I hit my local health food shop, Holland & Barrett and Sainsbury's and this is what I came out with. I was a little clueless on which shops are best to find healthy food items at good prices because we all know how expensive eating healthily can be.

My local store is a little shop called Grape Tree. It stocks mainly nuts, seeds and dried fruit but it does have healthy snack bars and also gluten, dairy and wheat free products such as flour and milk alternatives. I bought some snack bars and stocked up on an omega seed mix, flaked almonds (for my porridge) and treated myself to some dark chocolate covered brazil nuts.

Holland and Barrett stock all sorts of different products from supplements and seeds to peanut butter to protein powder. The prices are quite steep but you can get a points card where you recieve a voucher every so often to spend in store. I like to buy my litttle extras such as cocoa nibs and coconut sugar from there. I also discovered spelt pasta and spaghetti on sale which I have been trying to find for a while now as I have a  bit of a soft spot for pasta and this is a great alternative that doesn't seem to bloat me at all.

The supermarket is one of the best places you can get fresh produce and they stock a gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives as well. Now they don't have a huge variety of brands in store but they have brands such as The Food Doctor, Biona and Whole Earth. I like to go to a supermarket that allows you to collect points to try and save money is some way so Sainsbury's and Tesco are my best friends (not to mention the home delivery service).

Where do you get your healthy foods from?

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