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Bread loaves are often long-life, stale and horrible. Unless you live near an amazing bakery that bakes gluten/wheat- free bread, you're not going to find a good fresh loaf (Genius loaves are the only I've found, but this is not always in stock). M&S sell a white and also a brown seeded loaf which I've tried previously and absolutely love. They also have soft rolls available in either brown or white, and when they say soft, they mean soft.

Let's skip to the good bit (anyone else just start singing that song by Rizzle Kicks?!)...the sweet treats. Depending on your local store as to what they stock but in mine, chocolate muffins, pancakes and a coffee and walnut cake grace the shelves.

I understand that choosing to switch to a wheat-free diet can be difficult, the price is  usually doubled and  the quality and tends to be lacking meaning you can lose hope. Believe me, I've been there and due to certain obstacles, I don't follow a strict wheat-free diet. When the choice is there I go with wheat-free but I don't have a paddy if a cafe or bakery doesn't offer wheat-free options, I mean small businesses may struggle to justify spending time and money on making specialist baked goods to then have them spoil as they ma not be popular.

We all know the healthy lifestyle is quickly becoming more and more popular and soon a wheat-free diet will be common place.

I have just tried the almond frangipan tray bake and I think I'm in love, it's so moist and you can't even tell that it doesn't have wheat in. The ingredients aren't the best but a dessert wouldn't be a dessert if it is 100% healthy. Next I tried the ciabatta, the only thing I've been disappointed with. You know the wheat-free bread you get that has that horrible dry texture, crumbles just by looking at it...well this ciabatta is no different. The taste was okay and I just ended up taking off the top and eating the bottom and the middle of my sandwich.

Let's end on a good fan-fricking-tastic note, made without dairy dark chocolate. I'm not vegan but I do try to cut out as much dairy as possible so this chocolate would make a good sweet treat to have in when I'm in desperate need (these times happen most nights after dinner). It's a big thumbs up from me.

All in all, the range of Made Without products are pretty damn good and I cannot wait to try everything else in the range.

Find out more about availability in your local M&S store here.

Have you tried M&S Made Without Wheat products?

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